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Intel Extreme Masters San Jose is one of the main events of professional CS:GO in 2015. This weekend eight top teams of the planet will encounter in a mortal combat over a solid prize pool. No mistakes are allowed, since the teams are put in single-elimination brackets.


IEM in brief


The venue of IEM has been chosen deliberately. The number of CS:GO tournaments held in America has increased over the past year, the popularity of the discipline constantly growing. San Jose is a very good choice for such tournaments. The city is the heard of Silicon Valley, with numerous headquarters of the planet's leading IT companies located here. Digital giants have shown increasing interest in eSports lately. For example, IEM San Jose is supported by Amazon.com — one of the largest global online retailers. Furthermore, anyone can contribute to the prize pool of the tournament by purchasing particular goods on Amazon. This is the first time the prize money will be invested by the community in CS:GO.


The capital city of Silicon Valley will become CS:GO battle ground for a couple of days


Format, which leaves no chance to mistakes


The system of the tournament is really tough for the players, but extremely entertaining for the viewers. This is the first time that the organizers of a large CS:GO tournament refused to have a group stage. Speaking straight, IEM San Jose will begin with single elimination playoff. Eight teams were seeded into 4 pairs. We'll witness seven bo3 series, which will determine the winner of the tournament and the owner of over $125 000!


The map pool is standard. 


        de_train  de_cache

Tournament's official maps


The invited and the qualified


It was decided to invite 8 teams to the tournament and arrange qualifiers for the remaining two slots. The initial list of the invited included: UkraineNatus VincereUnited StatesCloud9DenmarkTeam SoloMidPolandVirtus.proSwedenNiP and FranceEnVyUs. Two teams were qualified at iBUYPOWER Cup, in which best teams of America and Australia fought for the trip to IEM and the prize pool of $ 100 000. 


Unfortunately 2 European grands couldn't make it to the tournament. SwedenNiP announced, they wouldn't be able to attend the championship straight after receiving the invitation. They were replaced with InternationalG2, which is as interesting as the Swedish team. The world's top team, as announced by hltv.org, FranceEnVyUs declined participation due to the recent terrorist attack in Paris. The French five was replaced by United StatesCLG, which took 3-4 place at iBUYPOWER Cup.



0International G2
0United States CLG
0Denmark TSM
0United States Cloud9
0Ukraine Natus Vincere
0Brazil Luminosity
0Poland Virtus.pro
0United States Team Liquid


The brackets looks like the list of finalists of ESL ESEA Pro League, in which four spots are provided to European division and four spots are given to American teams. All the representatives of American CS:GO scene are at risk of leaving the tournament on the very first day. However, every dog is a lion at home. So it will be hard to predict the results of IEM San Jose.




UkraineNatus Vincere VS BrazilLuminosity

IEM San Jose



The first match will be very important for all the fans of our team. Once again we will encounter a powerful rival - BrazilLuminosity. Though Ukraine Na`Vi won 2:0, the playoff match, our players had against the Brazilians at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca, was one of the hardest matches for our players in Romania. Our rival was opposing very hard. Thus, the Born to Win will need to take it very seriously. UkraineNatus Vincere's has 100% winrate against Brazil FalleN's team (we defeated them at 5 maps). Se we expect our team to win the match and proceed to the semifinal.


DenmarkTeam SoloMid VS United StatesCloud9

IEM San Jose




These two teams have encountered only once over the past 6 months — in the final series of bo3 at FACEIT League Stage 2 Finals. The American team was very powerful then. It had become a runner-up of three tournaments in a row. However, the Danes easily defeated the Americans in that match. Before IEM San Jose United StatesCloud9 won two domestic tournaments (iBUYPOWER Cup and RGN Pro Series). This can inspire them in fight, which will most likely be a chanceless. We'd rather predict DenmarkTSM would win 2:0.


 United StatesTeam Liquid VS PolandVirtus.pro

IEM San Jose




This combat will be the most unpredictable game of the first tour. The Americans aren't a powerful team, but not against the Polish bears. Though PolandVP won two last matches, the difference in rounds was minor. Furthermore, PolandSnax wouldn't go to the US due to health issues. He'll be replaced with PolandMICHU, who has acted as a stand-in for VP many times before. Anyway, United StatesadreN and his team are not an unsurpassable obstacle for the Poles. So PolandVP will most likely wait for the winner of InternationalG2 vs. United StatesCLG dule in the semifinal.


InternationalG2 VS United StatesCLG

IEM San Jose




This match will be exciting as well. InternationalG2 has never encountered a non-European team. This is their first international experience. United StatesCLG got to the final as a replacement of FranceEnVyUs. The American team is undergoing problems, which put to question their status of the region's CS:GO top3. They haven't reshuffled for a while. In a combat against InternationalG2 everything will depend on the team's leaders United Statesjdm64 and United Statestarik. However, the Europeans will most likely crash the New World, since they're more powerful in shooting.

Team rosters:

  • Ukraine Natus Vincere: Zeus, Edward, flamie, GuardiaN, seized
  • Brazil Luminosity: FalleN, fer, Steel-, Boltz, coldzera
  • Denmark Team SoloMid: dupreeh, device, cajunb, Xyp9x, karrigan
  • United States Cloud9: shroud, Skadoodle, fREAKAZOID, n0thing, sg@res
  • Poland Virtus.pro: Taz, pasha, neo, Snax, byali
  • International G2: Maikelele, fox, aizy, rain-, jkaem
  • United StatesCLG: tarik, reltuC, hazed, jdm64, FNS
  • United StatesTeam Liquid: adreN-, Hiko, EliGE-, FugLy, nitr0


That' how we see the balance of powers before IEM San Jose. We'll be covering this awesome event so follow our updates. We call to you to support our team, as it means a lot for the guys! Go, UkraineNa`Vi!


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