IEM San Jose highlights


Let's take a look at the best moments of IEM San Jose, which finished on Monday morning with a fantastic victory of our team over TSM. Our players demonstrated great individual shooting and good knowledge of tactics and maps. They created several outstanding moment, which will long be remembered by CS:GO community. We picked all the event's highlights of our team, as well as other teams. See VAC-rounds, clutch rounds, great shooting with AWP and much more! 


In one of the decisive rounds on de_mirage, Brazilian player fer was really cool, showing accomplished shooting in 1 vs 3 situation. The round change the course of the encounter Ukraine Na`Vi VS BrazilLuminocity.

A very beautiful gun round in a match between Denmark TSM и United States Cloud9. The players device and Sakdoodle made a couple of precise frags in difficult situations, and later arranged a duel to decide who was better.


This video features a number of frags from IEM San Jose. 



In this highlight FugLy of United States Team Liquid makes a beautiful headshot and eliminates other players of Poland using only a gun. The victory in this round influenced the whole match.


Quarterfinal match between Denmark TSM and United States Cloud9. karrigan gets sniper rifle and he makes 4 frags!



Once again karrigan surprises the audience! He demonstrated an amazing smoke.



Our favourite sniper /sk Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs demonstrated his skill too. His wallbang at de_cobblestone enabled Na`Vi to take more favorable positions in the round.



Dupreeh also surprised with his wallbangs. He analysed the bullet traces and learns the location of his rivals basing on this data. That's how he made this frag. Amazing!



Karrigan could've win in this situation, bringing victory to his team. Unfortunately he didn't manage to do it.



The beginning of the game against TSM at de_dust2 was pretty nervous for the Born to Win. We were losing one round after another. One moment, Russian Federation flamie took control of the situation and practically made his best clutch round at the tournament. This moment influenced the whole game.



Russian Federation Denis "seized" Kostin showed great shooting in the tournament's final, which inspired the teammates.



A most interesting moment by Cloud9.



You shall not pass!



This might be the best clutch round of 2015! Ukraine Edward, aka Gun King, simply turned the course of the game, vanishing the morale advantage of the rivals in semifinals at de_dust2. All alone, he made 4 frags and inspired other players of our team. The highlight was fallowed by a break requested by United States TL. However it wasn't helpful and the Born to Win pushed the American team till the end.

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