IEM San Jose: Victorious trip to America


Our team set off for San-Jose with especially serious intentions. It was Intel Extreme Masters grand-final in 2010 that helped the first Na`Vi Conter-Strike roster to gain its worldwide popularity. Four years after that, our CS:GO team have once again taken the IEM win, delighting its fans from all around the world!

Four Natus Vincere players were included in the list of top-10 best players of IEM San Jose 2015. The most outstanding performance was delivered by  /sk GuardiaN (1,16 rate), followed by Russian Federation flamie (1,13), Ukraine Edward (1,12) and Russian Federation seized (1,11). Ukraine Zeus , in his turn, was ranked as one of top-3 supports of the event. All in all, the performance of our team improved quite a bit since recent CEVO  finals. Our guys have won the biggest number of pistol-rounds in San-Jose (64,3 %), where flamie really stepped up. Overall, the talented Russian player made 73 headshots over the course of the competition. Edward also played incredibly well, and was included in the list of the most efficient pistol players.


Natus Vincere members played on six maps at the American tournament and won on all of them! The players had two clashes on de_dust2 and de_cbble, and afterwards won on de_mirage and de_overpass. Our capable sniper /sk GuardiaN  scored 136 kills in those matches and therefore was the most impactful of all, whereas UkraineEdward took second place with 128 kills. Russian Federation flamie and Russian Federation seized , in their turn, scored almost equal number of kills (126 and 125 respectively), and are followed by UkraineZeus with 119. flamie was named to be the best aimer of the tournament, since the vast majority of his shots found the heads of the rivals. The best AWPer of the tournament, without any doubts, was GuardiaN with 78 AWP frags that left his opponents Denmark karrigan (28), United StatesadreN (27) far behind.

The toughest games for our team were the battle against Luminosity on de_overpass and the match against  United States Team Liquid on de_dust2. In the match versus TL , our players have shown their iron nerves and managed to pool off incredible comeback, winning 9 rounds in a row.



IEM San Jose grand final was a spectacular show to watch. Our players have mustered all their forces and came well-prepared to their match against  Denmark TSM , and managed to win the first map with a convincing 16:10 score. On the second map, the Born to Win have demonstrated a great understanding of de_cbble. They imposed their own game rhythm upon the Danes and outplayed them thanks to excellent aim and strategies. More than one million viewers tuned in to watch the grand final, and so far it’s been the absolute record for our CS:GO team.

The main reason behind Ukraine Natus Vincere ’s win at this particular tournament is their flawless team cooperation. Comparing to some of the previous tournaments, the guys have stepped up in terms of helping each other in different tough situations and played very cohesively, turning the tide of the game in the most important rounds. The IEM San-Jose victory proves the status of Natus Vincere as one of the best teams of the world, especially considering another great achievement, the second place at the major-tournament in Romania.



  • Stats leader — /sk GuardiaN
  • Best aimer — /sk GuardiaN
  • Best teammate — Ukraine Zeus
  • Most consistent player — Russian Federation flamie
  • Best clutcher — Russian Federation seized
  • Best players of the tournament’s decisive round— Ukraine Edward


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Tournament results

top 1 place — Ukraine Natus Vincere — $ 56 250

top 2 place — Denmark TSM — $ 22 500

top 3 top 4 place — InternationalG2, United States Liquid — $ 11 250 each

top 5-6 place — United States Cloud9, Brazil Luminosity — $ 2 812 each

top 7-8 place — PolandVіrtus.рrо, United States CLG — $ 2 812 each

Match statistics


  • Ukraine Natus Vincere [1:0] Brazil Luminosity (16:13 de_mirage)



  • Ukraine Natus Vincere [2:0] Brazil Luminosity (19:17 de_overpass)



  • Ukraine Natus Vincere [1:0] United States Team Liquid (16:07 de_cbble)



  • Ukraine Natus Vincere [2:0] United States Team Liquid (16:14 de_dust2)


  • Grand-final: Ukraine Natus Vincere [1:0] DenmarkTeam SoloMid (16:14 de_dust2)



  • Ukraine Natus Vincere [2:0] DenmarkTeam SoloMid (16:8 de_cbble)


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