IEM XI Katowice closed qualifiers: Day 1

The EU Closed Qualifier for IEM Season XI World Championships is set to start on February 4th and CISNatus Vincere.G2A is ready to face their next opponents. The qualifier features 11 of the top teams fighting to secure one of the three spots available for the main event, which will be in the Spodek Arena at Katowice, Poland. Out of the 11 teams, 5 are invited while the other 6 qualified via two open qualifiers.
We were one of the teams to be invited to the qualifiers which meant we received a bye in the first round. The tournament uses the double elimination bracket, which means that the teams can lose one match to be dropped down to the lower bracket, where they would have to fight for their lives to keep themselves in the tournament. All matches will be Best-of-Three.
As far as our opponents go, we don’t yet have any confirmed opponents that we will play. For the first match, we will face either SwedenGodsent or DenmarkTricked Esport. Both Scandinavian teams have faced each other previously in the first open qualifier, where Godsent won the match 16-10 and went on to win the qualifier. That match will be played at 18:00 CET unless it is subject to any delays or changes.
Tricked are not in top shape these past few months as they have changed their roster numerous times and are struggling to perform against stronger teams. Godsent attended the previous major, where they failed to qualify for the playoffs with a score of 2-3 in the group stages. Their two victories were against United StatesOptic Gaming and DenmarkAstralis, who later on went to win their first ever major.
If we can win our first game, we will only have to win our match against Team EnVyUs or DenmarkHeroic/SwedenEpsilon eSports to qualify for the main event. That match will be played on February 5th, so we would only play one game today. If we lose our first match, we will have to play one more game today, followed by three consecutive Best-of-Threes on the 5th. We will do our best to secure the shortest possible path to victory.


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