Yozhyk battles over IET2015 gold

UkraineEugene "Yozhyk" Mostovik has brought great news to Na`Vi fans. He's going to China on 26 April in order to participate in International Esports Tournament 2015. The tournament will be held 27-29 April in the city of Yiwu (located within a couple hours ride from Shanghai). The contest will include 3 disciplines: League of Legends, Hearthstone and Fifa Online 3.
Eugene was invited to the tournament for several reasons. First, he is one of the best FIFA players of the world as per moment. Second UkraineYozhyk is the reigning champion of International Esports Tournament. Last year he managed to defeat all the opponents. His rival in the Grand Final was ChinaZola (silver medalist of WCG 2010). UkraineYozhyk didn't lose a sing match in the IET 2014 and returned to Kyiv with a Cup and Champion's title.
It's obvious that Eugene is heading to China in pursuance of one single goal - to defend his champion's title. Victory is all he needs. He is capable of accomplishing this task, as he has been training and improving his performance for the whole year. By the way, he managed to find time to record video-guides. You can find those at youtube-channel
The prize pool of the tournament hasn't changed since 2014. It is 115,000 Yuans (about $20,000). The format of the tournament is single-elimination with a match for the third place. Find detailed information and match schedule below. Write your comments and wishes to our favorite fifer in the comments to this news. Be sure that he'll read it for sure.

About the game:
Though the whole world is currently playing FIFA15, the contest's discipline will be Fifa Online 3, for this game is most popular in Asia. The graphics and physics of the game are worse than those of FIFA15 at the first sight. Moreover the engine of Fifa Online 3 reminds FIFA11. 

The game was developed exclusively for the Asian players. It was issued 18 December 2012. It is sold on the platform Nexon (South Korea) and Garena (the remaining world).

Match schedule:


Match schedule::
Time (CEST) Match Match Page

27 April:

OVER China Gu Shuncheng [2:1] China Shen Rongjie  
OVER Ukraine Yozhyk [2:1] China Zou Likai Watch
OVER image Basu [2:1] Ukraine Shen Linjie  
OVER Ukraine Shi Wenliang [2:0] China Zhou Feifei  
OVER Ukraine Yozhyk [2:1] China Gu Shuncheng Watch
OVER image Basu [0:2] Ukraine Shi Wenliang  
OVER China Gu Shuncheng [0:2] image Basu  

29 April:

OVER Ukraine Yozhyk [2:0] Ukraine Shi Wenliang Watch

Prize pool (~$20,000):

top 1 place: Ukraine Yozhyk - 60,000 CNY ($9,600)

top 2 place: Ukraine Shi Wenliang - 20,000 CNY ($3,200)

top 3 place: image Basu - 15,000 CNY ($2,400)

top 4 place: China Gu Shuncheng - 10,000 CNY ($1,600)

top 5-8 places: China Shen Rongjie, China Zou Likai, Ukraine Shen Linjie, China Zhou Feifei - 5,000 CNY ($800) each.


Tournament brackets:

Main brackets:

2China Gu Shuncheng
1China Gu Shuncheng
1 China Shen Rongjie
2 UkraineYozhyk
1 China Zou Likai
2 image Basu
0image Basu
0Ukraine Shi Wenliang
1 Ukraine Shen Linjie
2 Ukraine Shi Wenliang
2Ukraine Shi Wenliang
0 China Zhou Feifei

Match for the third place:

0China Gu Shuncheng
Winimage Basu
2image Basu


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