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Natus Vincere eSports Club is pleased to announce that from now training base of Na `Vi lineups will be equipped with LCD monitors from BenQ. Professional gamers from all around the world prefer products BenQ, as they know that the monitors of this company are synonymous with quality. Natus Vincere players repeatedly played on monitors BenQ on international tournaments and had a chance to evaluate the quality of these devices



XL2420T monitors ideally meet our requirements - image quality, speed of response, convenience and design.




We’d like to express our gratitude to BenQ Company for the monitors for our training base. Na `Vi is optimistic about the future in 2013, and truly believes that with these monitors our players will get the shape they need to win the world championship.




Comment by image Daniil «Dendi» Ishutin, player of Dota 2 Team lineup:


 “I will be brief, as never before :) With these monitors we are going to victories. Thank you, BenQ.”


Comment by image Yegor «markeloff» Markelov, player of Counter-Strike lineup:

"I know that a good monitor gives you a lot of bonuses while playing CS and other games as well. I’ll say without flattery that monitors from BenQ, in my opinion, are the best in the world for professional players. You can set colors as you need on XL2420T, put the desired resolution and its 120Hz on the monitor is generally indispensable thing. Frankly, I’ve got this monitor at home for about 1 year, so I am very happy to have a chance to train on them on bootcamps. "









Display size: 24 "
Type of matrix: TN+film
Key Technologies: Support for 3D, LED lighting
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Maximum resolution of the display: 1920 x 1080
Matrix’ response time: 5 мс, 2 мс GTG
Built-in tuner: No
Brightness of the display: 350 cd/m2
Contrast of the display: 1000:1, 12000000:1 dynamyc
Horizontal viewing angle: 170°
Vertical viewing angle: 160°
Pixel size:  0.276 mm
Maximum number of colors: 16.7 million6.7 млн.
Proprietary technologies:
Senseye 3 technology
AMA Technology
HDCP support
Black eQualizer
Smart Scalling
FPS mode
RTS mode
nVidia 3D Vision
Game Loader mode
Interfaces: DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, USB, VGA 
Horizontal frequency:
VGA / HDMI: 15 ~ 83 KHz
DVI-DL / DP: 30 ~ 140 KHz
Vertical frequency:
VGA / HDMI: 24 ~ 120 Hz
DVI-DL / DP: 56 ~ 120 Hz
Power consumption: 24 Вт
Adjustment of the stand height: 130 мм
Additional options: Режимы отображения 17”/ 19”/ 19”W/ 21.5”W/ 22”W/ 23”W/ 24”W
Wired control panel S Switch


* - BenQ L2420T has a great number of merits, but we decided to highlight the most important features that are especially prized by Na `Vi players and are certain to satisfy even the most demanding gamer.



About the company:


Компания BenQ
 – is a diversified company engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of various digital devices, including multimedia projectors, LCD monitors, LCD TVs, digital cameras and camcorders, portable devices, e-books, information storage devices, and computer peripherals - keyboard and computer mouse. BenQ has many years of experience in creating high-tech devices, as well as the development of the unique design for its products.



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