June for Na`Vi.DotA2 in numbers: KuroKy

Today we're going to publish the statistics for our last (but not least) Na`Vi.Dota2 player - Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi who is currently the main support of the team. His main objective in the game is to make sure that the carry (XBOCT) feels comfortable and to gang the opposing "middler" when possible. It's worth mentioning that Kuro is very good at both.


The previous articles of the series: Puppey, Funn1k, Dendi, XBOCT.


Despite his role, Kuro played some untypical heroes for him in June. For example, Morphling, Spectre, Mirana, and Naga Siren. Before moving onto the stats for used heroes in June, let's take a look at top-10 of them picked by Kuroky during all his time in DotA:



It's an interesting fact that the team won only 4 matches out of 13 when Kuroky played Enigma while showing the best result (7 wins, 1 loss) with iO and Lina. Now, let's consider the list of heroes picked by Kuroky in June:



From all of these 19 heroes Kuro played with 6 if them in the official matches: Kunkka, Witch Doctor, Spectre, Mirana, Jakiro, Crystal Maiden. Unlike Alexander who changed from Lifestealer to Gyrocopter. Kuro sticked with Rubick. Also, Visage got into the top-3 used heroes in one month.


Despite the low importance of XPM, GPM and some other stats in Kuro's objective list, sometimes they are still somewhat important. If you're against the killer-support - throw stones at me! Here are the numbers:




That's how we wrap up our series of articles for the numbers and statistics but you can expect one more post which will summarize all the data from the previous articles. We will calculate the MVP of June and also take a look at some other banned heroes by Natus Vincere last month.


The data for this article was collected by JeyDi.

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