Dasha, the author of Na`Vi lettering!


Behind exciting tournaments, enormous prize pools and outstanding performance of the players, which make up eSports, there's much selfless work of many professionals, who yet remain unknown. Today we're going to show you a bright personality, a beautiful girl and a talented creator. Meet Ukraine Dasha Levchuk, the author of Natus Vincere office's lettering!


What is lettering? It is a specific combination of letterforms crafted for a single use and purpose. It is the art of drawing letters.

Our office:

"NAVIgate to victory with us" sounds like an inofficial Natus Vincere slogan.


"Raaaaampage!!!" — we hope to hear it as many times as possible during Na`Vi games at the upcoming TI!




— Hi! Tell our readers about yourself.


— My name is Dasha. I'm 25. I live and draw letters in Kyiv.


Dasha and her letters. The color of honey, amber and sun.


— How did you come to what you're doing now? Was it talent or persistent work?


— I came gradually. First, it was a hobby. Now it's work. I know little about the talent. In my opinion it is a myth.


— Did you study anywhere? What did you begin with?


— I studied at graphics department of polythecnic institute. Afterwards, I attended many courses and master classes.


— What are your impressions of work for Natus Vincere? Do you know what those inscriptions made by you mean?


— The impressions of my work for Natus Vincere are the best! The team works fast and effectively. Surely I know the meaning of the inscriptions.


The phrases each gamer knows now cover the walls of our office.


— How do you choose the fonts in your work? Is there any principle?


— This is a very comprehensive question. Ask me in 5 years.


— How much time does it takes to create such beauty?


— It took about 2-3 weeks to create lettering for Natus Vincere (from the first sketches up to the final stage).


What is your source of inspiration?


— I think inspiration lives inside each of us.


— What do you prefer - brushes, paint and paper or pen and tablet?


— I use all the above-mentioned.


Which of your works is your favorite?


— I like creating prints in silkscreen technique. Here's one of them:



— Is there any authors you like or even consider to be your idol?


— Lately, I've been fond of a creative duet of Yani Arabena & Guille Vizzari


Their work "Have fun!' reminds me of the emotions, games should bring.


— Can you remember the most unusual order?


— All the orders are interesting and unusual. However, I can tell you about the project of "the world has gone mad" kind. I used to sign the wedding cards, which were actually the music cards with an inbuilt screen demonstrating a video.


— What do you do in your free time? Books, movies, games?


— I like reading a lot. However, most often my work and hobbies combine, so I can hardly tell one from another.


— What do you know about professional eSports and Natus Vincere team (its players)?


— I don't know much. However, what I understood while working with Natus Vincere was that it is not the mere games.


Not many kinds of sport enjoy the prize pools compared to that, won by Natus Vincere.


— Do you like the team's logo: colors, style, design?


— I like your color very much. I use yellow most often in my works.


— Have you ever worked with other eSports organizations?


— No. I didn't know about their existence before working for Natus Vincere.


— Will Na`Vi win The International 2015?


— Yes, sure!


We hope Natus Vincere will bring Aegis home for the second time this year.




  • What is your favorite book hero?  Tom Sawyer. I used his method to find an assistant for wall paintings.
  • What is your favorite movie/TV series?  "Black mirror" series.
  • Who is your favorite historic figure?  It's hard to answer.
  • What should a person be proud of in his life?  A person should be less proud of anything.
  • Is there life on Mars? — Surely.
  • Fast-food or home-made meals? — Home-made meals. Though I sometimes eat fast-food.
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