Funn1k: Waiting for qualifiers

As we know, today Valve announced the list of the teams that would get to The International 2015 directly. UkraineNatus Vincere wasn't among the lucky teams, which saddened the fans of the Born to Win. Our team will have to fight over the slot at the qualifiers, which the team has never done before. We interviewed UkraineGleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov and asked him to share his opinion about invites and foregoing qualifiers. 



— Hi! A couple of hours ago the teams that acquired invites to the forthcoming The International 2015 were announced. Unfortunately Natus Vincere wasn't among the lucky ones. When did you learn that you would have to pass the qualifiers? What was your first reaction?


 Hi! We understood that we would most likely not get the direct invite, because we had no respective achievements. Therefore we were prepared to the news. We knew we'd have to get to TI 5 through qualifiers.


 What do you think about the teams, which got invites? Do you agree with Valve's choice? What other teams could be invited (of those which didn't receive it)?


 All the teams deserve their invites. They showed the best performance at LANs, that's why I agree with Valve's choice. If they had one more slot, UkraineNa`Vi could be invited :)


 According to the official website, European qualifiers will begin on 29 May. Apart from our team, Vega Squadron, Burden United, Power Rangers, NiP, The Alliance, London Conspiracy, HellRaisers and 4 Anchors + Sea Captain will take part. Which of the above mentioned teams in your opinion will be your main rivals in the battle over invite?


 All the teams are strong in their own way. We will seriously approach to each team.


 Do you follow the growth of The International 5 prize pool and development compendium? What sum will the prize pool reach? 20 millions? 30 millions?


 Yes I do follow. Though the prize pool is growing fast, it seems to me that the growth will stop at 13-14 millions.


 Can you tell our readers about the preparation of UkraineNatus Vincere to the European qualifiers. Where will you be preparing? How long will you be preparing? What will you focus on while preparing? Will you be playing at full power when the qualifiers begin? Can the fans of UkraineNa`Vi be calm?


 We are going to conduct bootcamp in a couple of weeks before the qualifiers. Most likely it will be held in Kyiv. We will be training hard to the forthcoming games. We will focus on our game and on our rivals. I hope will manage to do everything we're planning until the qualifiers begin.


 My final question is predictable: what do you think about the new patch? How will the games of the world's strongest teams change?


 New patch reminds me 2013. The heroes like Gyrocopter, Dragon Knight, Visage come back to the picks and bans. That was the time of mass fights. The teams would often undertake fighting or pushing. Now the strategy will focus on taking over the barracks faster than your rival.


We remind you that, the names of 10 teams, which got the invites to TI, were announced today.


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