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Today we are ready to show you the text interview of our HotS squad. The interview covers a number of important questions, including parents’ attitude to video games, future of Heroes of the Storm and other important issues the beginner gamers are concerned about. Note that the team had been interviewed before Enter the Storm tournament, at which our guys took third place. Have a nice time reading!


Hello. How are you, guys? What is the atmosphere in the team? Do you have some problems with communication?

Splendour: The atmosphere is great. We joke around all the time and we don't get too disheartened when we're losing. We discuss what mistakes we made after games and how we can fix them. During games we don't have a single person calling all the shots, we do them together.


How did you begin your career? Tell about your the first game  

cilium: The first game that I played competitively was Counter Strike. I started going to local tournaments at a pretty young age - when I was around 11-12 years old

Splendour: The first game I played competitively was Starcraft: Broodwar. I got to B-rank on iCCup playing Terran. I played in clan leagues, nation wars and local lan tournaments.

Breez: My brother taught me how to play CS 1.6 when I was about 6 years old. I have been in love with PvP games ever since, and just wanted to be the best in the games I played.

scHwimpi: I started playing NHL with my dad when I was about 4 years old. When I finally bought a computer I started playing Runescape pretty seriously. Later my friend introduced me to the MOBA Heroes of Newerth which I started playing a lot. I got really interested in the competitive scene and since then I have always wanted to play on the highest level

ethernal: The first game I started playing competitively was Warcraft 3. I was at the age of 15 and I quickly became one of the best players in my Country and was playing on the highest European level at the time.


How did you meet?

Splendour:  I, cilium, schwimpi and 2 other people formed a team called Imperitum. We did pretty well, but disbanded a month after that. We kept playing pubs looking for good players to form a team with. And we finally did - we called ourselves team tomorrow big and won the very first tournament we played in.


Ok. If I’m not mistaken, you'll take part in Enter The Storm. How is your preparation for this tournament going?

Splendour: It's a bit hard - we're playing every day now but all the top teams are participating so we want to avoid showing them our strategies beforehand. We are trying to get more comfortable playing new comps/heroes to make it harder for them to predict how we'll play. Rest assured, we already have some special tactics prepared.


Cilium, you worked in Na'Vi for some time. What did you feel when Na'Vi offered to join our big family again?

cilium: I was pleasantly surprised that Na`Vi were actually looking to sign a Heroes team. Everyone in the team including me was really excited about joining the organization because they're a really big name.


Please, share your opinion about the future of HoTS in eSport. Do you think, Blizzard will support teams just as Riot does?

Splendour: I don't think Blizzard will take the same approach as they have always been more open to community tournaments. They will still likely do something like WCS for Starcraft - regional league with a world final, but it won't be such a big commitment as LCS. HotS has a huge potential to grow as it's attracting more people to the MOBA genre, people that were intimidated by DotA/LoL because they are too hard to get into.


What does your family think about eSport?

 scHwimpi : My family supports me to 100% they can see I enjoy gaming and they can also see some good results. My mom enjoys watching Khaldors stream.  Though they are not very impressed on how it affects my grades.

Splendour: They're ok with it. In fact when I and my brother were little and went to a tournament for the first time, they came along to cheer with us. They do tell me I should go outside more from time to time though.

cilium: My family members weren't that supportive at the start. They're pretty conservative in general, but now they are OK with it, my dad keeps track of my tournament results and trolls me sometimes

Ethernal: My family supports me as well .They didn't at first but when they saw that's its actually something big and growing they realized it’s not something to take lightly!

Breez: My family is actually happy/proud of me making it into the e-sport scene. My dad started playing the game whenever he had free time to understand the game more when he watches us playing.

scHwimpi : I want to add that Breez's father is probably the best Diablo in the game.


Do you have girlfriend?

cilium: I personally do. I have been with my girl for 2 years already.

Splendour: No. We should try to get a dating website to sponsor us.

scHwimpi : I don’t, but many woman are very interested in me

Relax: Me too.

Breez: I agree with Schwimpi. Women are interested in me too.


Do you want to tell anything to your fans or sponsors?

Cilium: Yes! I want to express gratitude to our fans and sponsors for support. You help us to move on to our goal!

Splendour: Thank you very much for your support! Go Na`Vi!

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