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Our sponsor, AOC Gaming, interviewed the captain of our new League of Legends team, SwedenJesper “Jwaow” Strandgren. The former LCS top-laner joined the UkraineNa`Vi roster earlier this month, adding to the team a wealth of tournament experience. He had the chance to talk about his goals, new teammates, and his responsibilities as the new team captain.  


— How did your and Na’Vi’s paths cross?
— I was a free agent, however, was not promoting myself. I got contacted by our current head coach Sebastian ‘cptnemo’ Halamuda and team’s manager Hans Christian ‘Liq’ Dürr, because they were building a new roster. I thought it was a great opportunity to join such a huge organization as Na’Vi, who already have worldwide success in other esports. They have the great name and I did not want to waste my time waiting, doing nothing.
— So you did not actively try to get back to the LCS, since you parted ways with Elements?
— Not at all. I did not consider retiring, but I wanted to have some rest. I spent some time with friends and did not play any games at all for a while. However, the new patch in League of Legends seemed really fun and I soon started playing again, then my story with Na’Vi began.
— How does it feel to be the captain? Any considerable differences in your responsibilities?
— It is not too different. I was more involved in the creation of the roster, I might have some minor operational tasks, control tournaments we are taking part in. There is a bit more of decision making. The title sounds nice. It is pretty amazing to be the captain for a team, belonging to such a big organization. Na’Vi have put a lot of trust in me and in our team. Now we just have to live up to the expectations coming with their big name.
— Tell me about the roster, have you known any of the guys before?
— I had no personal bonds with any of the players. I have been talking a bit to Amin ‘Amin’ Mezher, because he is Swedish and has been around for a while. He had a reputation of quite a toxic player, but I believe we can neutralize him. He is actually a nice, and very funny guy. I know others from the game. Patrick ‘MounTain’ Dasberg is from the Challenger scene, he has been a really good player for a long time. I knew Hicham ‘SozPurefect’ Tazrhini and Sébastien ‘exork’ Lamorte as high Elo players from solo queue. We already established a connection. In-game we work pretty well together. Of course, it will take some time to refine it.
— You have been to the LCS, and now you start off not even being in Challenger Series. What are your goals right now?
— To get into the Challenger Series. Even if we do not make it at the first time, we will be still living together in the gaming house and try our best to become a better team till the next qualifier. There are very good teams trying to qualify. It is not easy but so far we have been doing well. Overall our goal is to grow as players and as a team. It is amazing that Na’Vi is an organization that is big enough to provide us with everything we need for this. It is a long road to the LCS. I believe we can do it, but it is definitely not easy.
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