Koldyn: BlizzCon and DreamHack Cluj results


— Hello, Pasha! I congratulate you and our organization on the outstanding victory of Sweden Ostkaka at Hearthstone World Championship! What did you feel, after Sebatian raised the Champion's Cup above his head? Ostkaka had been initially considered a favorite of the tournament. Did many people of community see him as a future champion? What can motivate the young player to pursue victory in upcoming competitions after winning the main tournament of the year?

— Hello! Thank you for your congratulations. I continue conveying greetings and kind words from those, who watched the final and wished our player to win the way I did. However, it wasn't the final, when I felt the brightest emotions. It was after the match against G2 player Netherlands ThijsNL. This match is worth final and the most fantastic emotions. The final repeated the group stage, in which Sebastian also defeated Canada Hotform (3:1). Anyway the emotions are really great! Ostkaka had a successful eSports year and was considered to be one of the favourites, equally to other European players. In the interview, which we recorded before Blizzcon, I said I expected him to take first place only! After the main event of the year, I am sure that Ostkaka will please us grand victories many times in future. Sebastian is young and ambitious.

Na`Vi.Ostkaka is the winner of Hearthstone World Championship! 

Unfortunately, you didn't get to BlizzCon this year. However, you did watch it. Why  couldn't you come to Anaheim? By the way, what do you think about the organization of the event and its coverage? Did you follow other titles: Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft II, World of WarCraft? Do you plan to play Overwatch in your spare time?
— I couldn't come to Anaheim due to technical reasons. I followed all the titles, including StarСraft II and World of WarCraft. I would be very glad to play Overwatch, but, unfortunately Blizzard didn't presented beta to me... 
Simultaneously with BlizzCon 2015, DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015 in Romania was held. Our players didn't perform successfully, Germany XiXo left the tournament in the early stage, while Denmark Hoej lost in quarterfinal. What can you say about the tournament? The organizers made the decision not to invite top players to playoff or to the last groups. Was it right for a tournament with such great number of players? Did you follow the tournament? Did Romanian players surprised you with their decks?
— Tournaments with open qualifiers help young and unknown players to open — it's always pleasant to see new faces. Since the games before playoff stage were streamed selectively, I followed games only due to the messages of the players in our chat. I can't say that the game of Hoej in playoff was a horrible loss. His rival played with the most simple and reliable decks, the strategy of which is to encounter the rival in face. So the results of Dreamhack Cluj didn't upset me in terms of figures. The more important indicator is the tournaments, which work under invites system.

Stylish Koldyn next to a Belarus café named "Metelitza" (English: Blizzard)!

— Both in Romania and at BlizzCon, we once again saw the legendary Patron Warrior in action, which had successfully survived the nerf of the developers despite a couple of "injuries". What is your attitude to the deck before the nerf and now? Should it be weakened even more or kept as it is? What can you say about the current meta in terms of BlizzCon 2015? Have shamans emerged on pro scene?
— Patron Warrior was extremely powerful before the nerf. As per moment, this is a deck that requires particular ability to play , which is great. The deck is not as overpowered as it used to be. However, it is still as good, if the rival doesn't have cards against enormous quantity of Grim Patrons. I think there's nothing to nerf. The Warsong Commander was too powerful. The other cards were balanced. The current meta will change this Thursday along with the release of the new Adventure's first wing. It's early to say what will be after the release of new cards. As concerns shamans... It's the second time, that BlizzCon is in top8 in terms of shaman. Last year we enjoyed the game on Shaman of Korea, Republic of Kranich. Shamans on the proscene are similar to Rogues. They're rarely used, but it is spectacular!


In Natus Vincere office, a couple hours before the flight to Germany!

The next tournament for our Hearthstone players will apparently be SeatStory Cup, which will begin soon. What results do you expect of the German tournament. Will our players use standard decks there, or will they prepare something new and interesting? Tell us when to expect the first podcast on our YouTube channel from you and the team?
— As some might be aware of, the employees of Lufthansa are on strike now. That's why we won't see some players and casters at SeatStory. I expect that the guys take top places and win. The decks were submitted to the tournament before the announcement of the addition, so we will see standard decks. We can see the new deck builds at the next grand tournament. I hope that the podcast with the guys will be ready after SeatStory (as soon as possible), so we'll have to prepare to it responsibly!
We'll be waiting! It's time to finish our interview. Thank you for finding time to answer the questions. You can shoutout to anyone you like!
— Thanks to all of you very much for your support! The guys will soon achieve great victories! Don't forget to push Twitter!
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