Splendour: "It’s time to break tradition"


On the eve of the final stage of Enter the Storm # 3, gosugamers.net interviewed the player of our Heroes of the Storm team, the best Uther of Europe — Bulgaria Splendour.


— As a placed finalist in ETS and a team which has a history of good performances in it, do you feel like a favourite?
— We traditionally lose to Liquid in the playoffs, but we’ve been doing well in scrims recently so it’s time to finally break that tradition.
— Lately there are newer teams that are making claims to Europe’s top. Do you feel like EU has become more competitive and which is the team that you saw grow the most?
— The competition has really picked up in EU, there’s around 8 teams where everyone can take a series from the others. The teams that have grown the most and achieved more success than expected are Bob Questionmark and Pirates in Pyjamas, both of which did not even exist during ETS #2.
— Tomb of the Spider Queen seems like a very successful map for Na'Vi. What is the secret to dominating it?
— I think it’s preventing the other team’s turn ins. It’s a very momentum-based map where you can control the whole game if you get an early lead and don’t make any big mistakes.
— You are a great Uther player. What makes Uther such a solid pick even after all those balance changes?
— Uther was good before, but with the changes to Cleanse he’s even better. His biggest asset is divine shield, it’s more consistent than ancestral/palm and it has so many applications (dodge spells, remove stuns, cap drake, etc).
— Our data shows that Na'Vi players appreciate Muradin as a pick, with each of you (except for yourself) having played Muradin at least once.  What is Muradin’s significance in the current meta?
— Muradin is the most tanky hero in the game, and he’s good at both peeling and disrupting. In the current meta he’s a situational pick, mainly because of his weak waveclear.
— What team are you most afraid of going into ETS #3 Finals?
— Liquid. Or Bob?
— Last words or shout outs you want to give?
— Thanks to everyone watching us in Enter the Storm. I hope you enjoy stomps and epic comebacks, because that’s what we plan to do!
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