Staff Cup #2: Interview with Andi Staff Cup #2 started a couple of days ago. The matches in some groups are now over and we can list some of the teams, which will get to play off. Our team -  UkraineNa`Vi Staff had 2 matches in bo1 format on Saturday, 22 May. We managed to interview the member of our staff team -  UkraineAndrew "Andi" Prohorov before the beginning of the match. We discussed the training process and the perspectives of the team.
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— Soon the matches of group C will begin. Tell us how much time did you manage to train before the tournament?

— As concerns, the team of Ukraine Natus Vincere employees, we didn't manage to get fully prepared, because everyone was involved in the working process. Each of us prepared individually much and managed to solve a number of ingame problems, which will enable us to feel more comfortable during the game against any rival.


— Tell me about the line-up of Na`Vi Staff for today?

— The line-up for the group stage is: Ukraine starix, Ukraine SL1DE, Russian Federation LeBwa, Ukraine F1n, Ukraine Andi. If we get to play off, Ukraine ceh9 will join us. Today he can't participate, as he casts UCC LAN-finals.


— Can you discribe the division of the roles in the team? Who will be a sniper?

— At Staff Cup #1 Ukraine Arseniy "ceh9" Trinozhenko was a captain of the team. As concerns this tournament, I will act as a captain this time.


Ukraine Dmitry "SL1DE" Frishman will be a sniper similar to the previous tournament. The rest will have to use rifles, since there's minimum tactics in the matches of such   tournament. Everything will mostly depend on the communication inside the team, individual shape of each player and micro-moments, which are decisive for a round.


— Your debut rival is International Staff. What can you tell about those guys? How do you estimate your chances to defeat them?

— I think, those who followed the first tournament must've noted this team. It was so pleasant to watch matches of The team really stood out.  It's no surprize, that they became champions. As far as I know they were preparing hard, since they acted coherently at various stage of the round while playing game. I can say that our chances to impose the fight are rather strong, though we're definitely play the "underdog" role in this match.

Let's speak about the tournament on the whole. What place are you planning to take?

— We are aimed to get to the play off. It doesn't matter if we take the second or the third place in the group. Surely, it'd be hard to oppose, but we'll manage to do our most in a match against and gameshow.

Which maps are you most confident with? Or do you keep it in secret?

— We play all the maps: we do feel a bit more confident at some of them, and perform a bit worse at the others. However, we don't have any problems with veto.

— Good luck! We'll be supporting you during the streams. Any shout-outs to the fans?

— It seems that now is the moment we in great need for your support. We'll be fighting for the name — UkraineNatus Vincere in the first hand. However, don't forget that we are only the employees of the organization. Game is hobby for us.


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