A few hours before the flight to Seattle

Only a few hours remain until Ukraine Natus Vincere's Dota 2 team flight to Seattle for the biggest tournament eSports has ever seen; The International 5 with a staggering prize-pool of $17 000 000. We managed to sit down with Ukraine Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin for a quick interview where he shares his thoughts on The International 5, its new format, the wildcard matches and Na'Vi's bootcamp.


It`s Dendi Time!

— Hello, Danil. The international 2015 will begin very soon. How did you spend your last days at home? Can you share some information about your flight to Seattle?

— Hello-o-o! We have an early morning flight on July 21. We will fly through Amsterdam.

— The TI2015 prize-pool has reached $ 17 000 000 this morning. As an experienced Dota-player, how do you feel about that? Does it give you the additional motivation to win?

— The money is not that important to me, but, of course, I am very happy. We would really like to get our second Aegis.

— Guys in Valve are trying really hard to make the prize-pool even bigger. And their ideas seem to be very nice - treasures with Immortal-items, for instance. Do you like those items? What is your Compendium level?

— Level 158. All of them are extremely nice. But my favorite item is the one for Witch DoctorWitch Doctor (with monkey and coconuts).



— It is going to be your fifth flight to The International. What does the tournament mean to you?  

— The International is always a big holiday for Dota-community and professional players are not an exception. You feel something magical every single time and wish to experience it again and again as many times as possible (smiling). All tournaments, of course, were very different.

— Valve announced the TI2015 format a few days ago. It turned out to be quite similar to the one we had in 2013. What do you think about it? Which format would be the best for you personally?

— I really like that year’s format. It’s cool that all teams will get a chance to play at “Key Arena”.


— As far as we know, your team has had a long-lasting bootcamp in Kyiv this month. Tell us more about it. Was it successful? Did you play with other teams?

— We have been very effective with our time and managed to play a lot of practice games with other teams. I feel myself comfortable and at ease, while playing with my teammates. We are going to rock the tournament!

Hard work and practice always pay off

— Despite all Russian FederationSoNNeikO’s visa problems, the team will fly to Seattle with a full lineup. Did you feel nervous about it or were you completely sure that Akbar will manage to get his visa?


— I wasn’t nervous at all, I just knew that Akbar will get it.



—  The first quarter of 2015 wasn’t that successful for the team, you seemed to have quite a rough time. Many changes were made, but now everything seems to be a lot better. Can you tell us more about it? Do you feel confident in yourself now, after all those changes?


— Obviously, it is very difficult to avoid a downturn after so many changes. Every player in the team needed some time to get used to each other. Now we have a strong moral balance. We have a lot of fun together and enjoy playing as a team. Sometimes the result doesn’t even matter - we support each other anyway. As far as the confidence is concerned, I have it, of course, but Dota 2 is a game that requires a lot of teamwork. The most important thing is that we have faith in our team.

— What do you think about your opponents? Which team is the favourite to win, in your opinion?

— I think that Clement and Kuro’s team (InternationalTeam Secret) has the highest chances. The result of others is really difficult to predict.


— Who, in your opinion, will win a place in the group stage after Wild Card matches?


— In my opinion, Russian FederationVega Squadron can do that. No comments concerning other teams.


— Well, our interview has come to an end. We wish you the best of luck at The International 2015! Do you want to say a few words to your fans?


— Of course! Hello to all of our wonderful fans! We really appreciate your support and will try our best to achieve great results and not upset you!


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#1 ro Bobina 21 July 2015, 20:12
Best wishes, have fun over there, it's all that matters!
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#2 in Monil 21 July 2015, 20:24
Good luck Dendi & team.I strongly believe navi gonna rock in ti5.
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