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We continue a series of interviews devoted to the upcoming qualifiers of The International 2015. The European qualifiers will be held from 29 May till 1 June. Russian FederationYellow Submarine, a team that managed to defeat its rivals in hard Open Qualifiers, recently joined seven invited teams, including Na`Vi, to fight over the slot to the main event of the year.
We interviewed one of the players of the team - Eugene Aksionov, aka Russian Federation Fervian. He told us about the creation of Yellow Submarine, its participation in Open Qualifier, and shared his thoughts on the main part of the tournament. Enjoy the reading!
— Hi! Introduce yourself, please. You are a new person in eSports, so little is known about you.

— Hello, everyone! My name is Eugene, I'm 20 years old. My nickname is Fervian and I play Dota in Yellow Submarine team.
— When did you first play Dota 2? How long have you been playing it? Did you play Dota AllStars at Warcraft III?
— I began in 2007. I played the first DotA based on Warcraft III. I was one of the first to recieve invite to Dota 2, as I was streaming much in iCCup project, though the streams weren't of great popularity then. The first wave of invites wasn't notable, I used to play Dota, when there were only 200 people online.
— When did you decide to play Dota professionally? Do you remember your first team?

— I decided to play Dota seriously, when I finally gave up streams (it was 2010). I focused on analyzing Dota 2, watched the matches of professional teams, tried to improve my own shape and notion of particular moments. 
— Let's discuss your current team — Yellow Submarine. You defeated all your rivals at Open Europe Qualifier. Did you expect you'd come so far, when you were registering?
— When we registered to participate in qualifiers, we where planning to train much against the powerful rivals, since it is rather hard to arrange a match with them. The victory in the qualifiers was pleasant and unexpected.
— When was your team created? Tell us about it. What tournaments did you participate in? Did your squad change?
— Our team was created in October 2014. Of the initial squad only Russian Federation Barash, Russian Federation Miposhka and I remained. We were looking for the stable performers to join our team for a long time. я. Finally Andrew ( Russian Federation PSM) and Dmitry ( Russian Federation Dale) joined us in December. Our performance became more confident with them. Russian Federation PSM is a good captain. The squad hasn't changed ever since.

We participated in small tournaments, like GIGABYTE Cup, we also tried to qualify for DreamLeague Season 3, but we didn't manage to win.
— You were quite confident at the open qualifiers and managed to defeat many leaders. Which match was the hardest in your opinion? Were there situations when you were one step from leaving the tournament?

— The encounter with Germany Team Alternate (semifinal of the qualifiers) was the hardest one. We knew the team is great at playing with Naga Siren. However, we had a good tactics against that hero. So we decided to leave this hero to the rivals. The game went according to our plan. We were stronger in that match.
— Many teams were displeased with best-of-1 format of the matches. What do you think about it?

— Surely, random impacts the results of bo1 matches a bit. However, the terms are equal for everyone. The team that is most aspired to win defeats the others.
— The qualifiers lasted only two days, so the schedule was very intensive. You had to play about 10 games on the last day. Did you feel tired in the end? Did it impact your game?
— Yes, we were much tired by the end of the day. We stopped for a while in order to have rest and continue the game. The rivals "slapped us on the face" in the first game of the final, so we woke up. It was ver hard, but our efforts weren't in vain.
— Let's speak about the final. You played against International PUB PLAYERS, which compounded strong and known players. Have you encountered them before? What can you tell about their game?

— We know this team very well. We trained a lot with them. The guys have been playing together for a long time. Their level of performance is quite high. The feature of their style is they ground on split-push and farm, though they are quite confident in battles.
— An unpleasant accident happened during the first game. One of the administrators paused the game because the Internet disconnected. It happened during the fight, which you eventually lost, as well as the whole game. Did the pause influence your moral. What did you discus in Skype then.

— Surely, the pause was unpleasant, but we understood that we wouldn't be able to win the fight. Our rivals had an advantage. So we were quite calm in Skype. We were waiting and discussing what to do next. 
— After the unsuccessful first game you managed to strengthen and defeat your rivals in 2 maps. Was it hard to play understanding you had no right for mistake? 

— It was very hard, but we understood that we shouldn't lose after spending so much effort and time. We wanted to get to the main part of qualifiers in order to demonstrate what we are capable of.

— Let's talk about upcoming European qualifiers. How do you estimate the chances of the teams?
— I don't want to make any promises or forecasts. We'll do our best at the qualifiers. We'll know the result after they are over.
— Which teams are the leaders of the qualifiers? Which team do you want to fight against most of all?

— It'll be hard to play against any team, since nobody want to miss a chance to go to  The International 2015. I want to play against Ukraine Natus Vincere and International Burden United, which defeated us in the DreamLeague Season 3 qualifiers. We hope to revenge.
—  We wish you good luck! We are sure that you'll spoil the plans of many titled teams. Do you have any shout-outs?

—  Regards to my team and all the fans, who supported us. Your nice comments give us strengths necessary to win. Regards to all the visitors of G-net club in Krasnodar.
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