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With only a couple of days to make adjustments based on Copenhagen Games, what are the things you will focus on during this little time off?

Though we would like to change a lot, we wont, because we dont have much time. We try to improve our shooting and teamplay.
What did you learn about your team at Copenhagen Games? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is the one thing that can push you over the top?
Nothing special, we play with each other for a long time and i know everything about my team. Our strength is our knowledge  that we can! The weakness is that we've won alot and its hard to find motivation in yourself, you need time for that, so we could forget our  great victories, so each of us understood that he is nobody.
You will face in the first round of upper bracket. How much will you prepare for them specifically, knowing it a few days in advance? What do you predict will happen in the match?
We wont prepare specifically, we are just going to play our game. you gotta have your own good game to be adjusted with your oponent . VP are showing good results now, so the conclusion is that they are playing stronger than we do. We can watch several VP demoes, because we know what maps we are going to play.
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