Na`Vi.ugin: «The best preparation wins»


— Hi! Thanks for agreeing to have an interview. Let's begin with ELEAGUE Major 2017. CIS Na`Vi.G2A took 5–8 place after losing to DenmarkAstralis in semifinals. Some of our players have already spoken out the reasons of the loss, now we'd like to hear your opinion. Was it the emotional stress, as UkraineEdward said in an interview? Or was it because the team didn't achieve the synergy necessary to cold-bloodedly defeat the most powerful rivals in the deciding matches?  


​— Hi! I think all these aspects had impact, but not only them. Definitely, that time emotions took over. The players couldn't cope with the pressure - both inner and outer. They wanted to achieve result so much that they simply overvalued the game. We had prepared very well to the tournament and we had the game-winning performance. You saw how the team performed in the group stage. Thereby we raised the bar and demanded even better performance from ourselves. The players put themselves into such condition and began making mistakes. That's when the game started ruining.


We aren't sufficiently prepared for such situations and lack synergy that enables to act cold-bloodedly and automatically. In competitive games, everyone is nervous, always. You need to improve our performance to the highest possible extent. No matter how nervous you are, it is the high level of performance that helps you go through such situations, take optimal decisions and act more reasonably and confidently. Summing up, the best preparation wins as it enables to make less mistakes. Apparently we were worse in this game.


Yana "b2ru" Hymchenko and Eugene "ugin" Erofeev in Kyiv airport Boryspil


Having lost the first map, the players did pull themselves together and won de_mirage (although, frankly speaking, they were lucky in particular situations). Then was de_dust2 and Astralis players defeated us. What did the players lack on the third map?  


— I think those are the factors I mentioned before. It felt like we played the role of the one catching up. We made more mistakes. We were unlucky in some situations, but the luck smiles to the ones who are prepared. Therefore, the Danes were just stronger on that particular day. It could've been different.


Having defeated you, Astralis went on eliminating every rival on its way and ended winning the first major in 2017. Do you think it is the most powerful team in the world right now? was really close to winning the grand final. The players were leading on the second and third maps, and yet they failed. In your opinion, what did the Poles lack in the final?  


— Astralis players did great. I like the way they're not afraid of experimenting and keep developing. Their achievements prove they succeed in both. They still have much to work on to prove they're the strongest. They weren't totally dominating their rivals at this event. We could've defeated them and the Poles too. I'd say more: in the final it was rather the defeat of the Poles, than the victory of the Danes (I mean the third map). 


We know this feeling too well. We often had such situations last year. It seemed to me that the Poles felt the taste of the victory too soon and just relaxed. Meanwhile the Danes simply played their game and I can't help mentioning Denmarkg1aive's great captain decisions in the last 4 rounds. He simply "out-thought" and snatched the victory, certainly by means of his teammates. Well, you saw that...


You had to play IEM Katowice qualifiers right after your return from Atlanta. Na`Vi.G2A did great and gained slot for the main stage. What can you say about these matches? Is it harder or easier for the guys to play online? The list of IEM Katowice participants is very powerful and likens that of ELEAGUE. However, NiP will play in Katowice, unlike Atlanta. What do you think of SwedenNiP current shape?


— Yes, we did pass the qualifiers quite confidently and easily. This proves what I said about our preparation for the Major. We simply worked on our mistakes and moved on. As per moment we have the play. I'd say we are more of a LAN-team than an online team. As concerns NiP, it's hard to analyze now. I've always had respect for them and I know what they're capable of. Personally I expect high quality play from them. Anyway, it's hard to judge their current shape. We'll see it at the tournament. 


ugin and Andi are watching ELEAGUE Major 2017


A couple of days ago Valve added de_inferno to the competitive map pool and removed de_dust2, one of the most popular maps in CS:GO. Some players have already announced their approval of the change. However, there are opinions Valve had better remove de_cobblestone or de_overpass. What is your attitude towards the change? Will Na`Vi.G2A play on the new de_inferno? How do the players regard it?  


— I'm pretty calm about the change. In general, nothing changed for us substantially. We like this map. We've always played it and we did it well. Personally, I like the reworked de_inferno. The players are practicing it now. 


— Recently FranceG2, FranceEnvyUs, SwedenFnatic and SwedenGODSENT announced new rosters, and BrazilSK Gaming acquired Brazilfelps as their fifth player. 2017 promises to be very hot: so many really powerful teams were founded. They'll challenge the others over the champions titles. What do you think of these changes? What do you think of a young and perspective player transferring to SK Gaming from BrazilImmortals? Do you think that the difference between the 5-6 world's most powerful teams and the rest of the world will grow larger?  


— As concerns the French teams, I'm not surprised. They've made countless players reshuffles, switching players between each other. I'm glad to see the old Fnatic back, since this is our chance to take revenge on the past (ugin laughs). I think the acquisition of Felps by SK strengthens them now, but they were powerful with Brazilfnx too. They're simply a good team and the core of that team is still there. As concerns the "difference growing larger", I don't think so. At the moment, many teams show great results and the last several tournaments prove there's practically no consistent favorite on the pro scene. On the contrary I think there are many teams that will be fighting for the champion's titles. The competition grows.


— Soon enough Na`Vi.G2A will go to USA to participate in Dreamhack Las Vegas. Then you'll be playing at IEM Katowice, in Poland. You are also playing online stage of ESL ProLeague. Can you reveal your future plans? Where will you go after Poland? When will the next bootcamp take place?


— We're planning to hold our next bootcamp in March, before SL i-League. SL i-League, which is to be held in Kyiv will be our next tournament after Dreamhack Las Vegas and IEM Katowice. The new season of ELEAGUE will soon begin, too, and then the new major! 


Natus Vincere.G2A СS:GO squad in full force at ELEAGUE Major 2017


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