Interview with Alexander 'ZeroGravity' K


Na`Vi CEO image Alexander ‘ZeroGravity’ Kokhanovskyy was so kind to answer a few questions on the forthcoming Intel Extreme Maters World Championship. He told us about his trips with the team to the tournaments and about the new League of Legends squad.



Hey, Zero! Final draw for IEM6 WC was announced recently... How do you like the results? What can you say about your competitors during the group stage?


ZeroGravity: Hi! Well, the group is extremely difficult. Taking into account our unclear game at bo1, it’ll be hard to qualify from the 1st place.

What do you think about the Poles in your group? While they were not participants of ESL rating, they were identified to Na`Vi group. How did you react on it?


ZeroGravity: I suppose, it was a totally random matter, and there is no point it arguing about it. We stay cool as Poles will face chlenix, which we are going to use on the tournament :) 


Lately you rarely traveled to the tournaments with your team. Why is it so? Are you heading for Hanover?


ZeroGravity: Yes, I’m. In Hanover I will support my team :). I travel less frequently as now I devote more time to organization development and management. It takes away the lion's share of my time.

What are the organization’s short-range plans? Let us in on little secrets.


ZeroGravity: Our plans are ambitious :). We are about to start the construction of a fully-equipped bootcamp place and studio for the commentators. Follow us, as we reveal several secrets next week! ;)

You created LoL line-up recently. Why did you choose the players from abroad, not Ukraine?


ZeroGravity: Ukraine has its top LoL team, but these guys do not show any results.

Shop / auction was launced on your forum. There we can win and/or buy team jersey and excursion to the bootcamp ... Tell us a little about the shop. Is it possible to buy Na`Vi products in retail in future?


ZeroGravity: When the new site launches, shop will amount to more than 20 different goods / services. People will have a real chance to win a pracc session with the players, to accompany us at private competitions and even have a trip to one of the World Championships with Na`Vi! Follow us on forum and website, and stay up-to-dated!

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Hi Penny and Killarney,It's fun to read about other authors. Fun ieeirvntw, Penny. Killarney, I bet, you're a hoot in real life! Have a great day, both of you. Cheers,Dale
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