Interview with Clement "Puppey"

Just an hour ago we have uploaded an interview with our DotA star player image Clement "Puppey" Ivanov to our official YouTube-channel. During the interview Clement told us about image Na`Vi.DotA's bootcamp, his transition from image and also shared his opinion on image Ivan "ArtStyle" Antonov's teamleading abilities. Puppey also talks about the upcoming one million dollarsDotA 2 tournament and tried to predict the favorites. All in all, just have fun watching!

AuthorXeozor Date 4 August 2011, 15:00 Views3056 Comments1
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#1 26 September 2012, 19:11
Hey, Puppey.
My best friend (it's she, yes a girl. Girl wich plays Dota2) wants to see your naked chest. I'm talking seriously, not trolling ;/
But she's to shy to write post like that
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