Interview with Na`Vi-BabyKnight

Right after our talk with Eugene "Strelok" Oparyshev, we are happy to present you the interview with a Dota Allstars legend, as well as one of the strongest European protoss players - Jon "BabyKnight" Andersen.


BabyKnight is a unique player. During his eSports career Jon made almost impossible thing - achieved huge success in two different disciplines: Dota Allstars and StarCraft 2. In addition, he joined team Natus Vincere twice!


Hello Jon! Natus Vincere was first organization you joined after switching to StarCraft 2 from Dota. How does it feel to play for Na`Vi again?


It feels great! I have a lot of respect for Na'Vi and I look forward to represent them, wearing their tag once again!


Tell us about your HotS experience so far. Do you like it, do you want to change something?


I like HotS more than I liked Wings of Liberty, it's a fun game in a lot of ways. There are a few issues about the game, but most are either fixable by players increasing their skill level or Blizzard making small changes to the game.


How much time do you think should pass between patch release (HotS) and first balance fixes?


I think Blizzard should wait a month or two. They made constant changes during the beta and I don't think the game was ever "completed" so I don't think they should wait too long. At the same time, they shouldn't fix problems that players could find solutions to themselves.


Dota 2 is becoming more and more popular, do you have any regrets about switching to SC2?


That's a tricky question. On one hand, I'm very happy with my decision to switch to SC2 for a lot of reasons, biggest reason being that I am more of a 1v1 player than a teamplayer. On the other hand I do miss certain people from my DotA days, and also miss the game. DotA is a fun game, so I'm not surprised it's getting very popular. That said, however, I don't think it's as good of an e-Sport as StarCraft 2.



Do you have any special abilities gained from your Dota experience, which help you in StarCraft 2?


Yes. Skills like, looking at the minimap, constantly doing "good moves" (never relaxing in a competitive game), certain aspects of micro aswell. There are probably a few more things, but it definitly doesn't help me as much as playing another RTS (like WC3 or SC:BW) before SC2 would've.


How does it feel to be the only English speaker in team where everyone speaks Russian? Do you have any communication problems with your team mates?


My teammates speak good English overall, some better than others. Maybe I speak it best, but there aren't any big communicative problems.


Do you like any other SC2 modes except 1on1 battles? Maybe some cool arcade maps or you love to farm campaign achievements?


Sometimes I play games like Micro Tournament, but overall I'm not very satisfied with the Custom Maps in SC2 so far. I loved playing different Custom Maps in WC3, so I miss that a bit.


Can you describe the tournament of your dream? What does it look like? Lan/online, single/double, bo3/5/7? 


32 invites. LAN. One groupstage, then single elimination. Best of three until finals. Final is best of five.


Are you following any well known protoss players? Probably even trying to copy some of their strats?


I watch SC2 streams from time to time, and when I do, sometimes I get inspired by certain plays/moves the streamer is performing. That said, I like to make up my own builds.


In spite of your young age you have a huge experience in esports thanks to your successful dota background. Where do you think esports industry goes now? How do you see our scene in 5 years?


I hope and think the e-Sport scene will continue to grow. Hopefully in five years the prizes and sallaries will be higher than they are now, and more players can play fulltime.


How do you view yourself in these 5 years? Do you like to continue gaming career, or just switch to other esports activity - commenting or managing?


I would love to continue as a pro gamer, if possible. If I can't continue as a pro gamer, I would probably move on to something like casting, or managing or perhaps even coaching.


What do you think about female esports?


I think it's great! The more females the better, especially if they're cute. :P


What do you think about Korean scene, do you want to live and train there for a while?


I want to practice in Korea in due time. Right now I want to focus on staying in Europe and doing well here.


What do you think about Korean invites at World Championship Series 2013 Europe?  Do you find it challenging or just unfair?


For WCS Europe I think it's fine. For WCS NA not so much. :D


What is your favorite matchup and why?


PvT, because it's fun to storm big clumps of Marines and it's more fun to develop builds for PvT than PvZ or PvP.


Can you name the country/city you want to visit and maybe even move or live there for a while?




What do you do in your free time except games? Maybe some sports activities?


I love watching movies and a few TV series like Game of Thrones, Dexter etc. I used to play soccer, but these days I spend almost all my time in front of my PC. :D

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