Interview with Na`Vi-Strelok

With Dream Hack Open: Stockholm rapidly approaching, we sat down with a player of Natus Vincere, Eugene "Strelok" Oparyshev, who will head to Sweden next week and will try his luck in this first big tournament in StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.

In this interview, eSports veteran will tell the readers about himself and share his thoughts on recently released add-on Heart of the Swarm.

Hi! Most of the community already know you, but please introduce yourself nevertheless.


Hi everyone! My name is Eugene Oparyshev, I'm 27 and from Dnepropetrovsk!


Tell us a little bit about your impressions of Heart of the Swarm. Do you like everything about the game or is there anything you would like to change?


I like Heart of the Swarm much more than Wings of Liberty. Each race got a much wider range of possible strategies and skills. A lot of room for creative plays!


How much time do you think should pass since the release before the developers will once again update the game?


I think that it's important not to rush things and to deploy the updates really carefully in order for the players to have enough time and adapt to new things and develop their strategies.



Last week, we saw the main tourney in StarCraft2 commence, WCS 2013. Many players are dissatisfied with the fact that it's possible for the players from Southern Korea to take part in the European and American qualifiers. What's your take on this?


I don't mind Korean players playing in Europe and America as long as they live and practice there. In this case, everyone is in the same conditions having more or less equal chances for the victory. It's not a secret that there are a lot of good training bases and coaches in Korea. There's also a possibility to dedicate whole team's effort for the needs of one specific player. There's no such thing in Europe though. That's why we lose to Asians.


You were always famous for being on of the best SC2 coaches in Europe. Do you still coach privately and if so - how's it going?


Sometimes, I do. But my main specialty is playing professionally, not coaching. In general, my lessons are quite popular. In other words, the demand increases the supply.


Do you like any other modes of the SC2 except for 1x1? Do you play fan maps or, perhaps, playing for some achievements in campaign?


In Wings of Liberty I sometimes played Marine Arena, but in Heart of the Swarm I'm 100% focused on 1x1 format.


Please, describe a tournament of your dream?


I like Dreamhack's format pretty much, excluding the final Single Elimination stage.


During your career, you've visited a lot of different countries. Which one would you like to visit again (or maybe even live there)?


Germany, but in 10 years from now when I will need more restful life. Also, I would like to return to China and France but only as a tourist.


What's your favorite map and the match-up on it?


In the past, I really liked TvZ on Desert Oasis.


What about the most unlikeable map and race of opponent?


I hate big maps for 4 people like Taldarim and Whirlwind in all match-ups because the number of position in which you'll find your enemy becomes predominant factor for success.


From all the top terrans, who you sympathize the most? Do you follow anybody's example, so to speak?


Lucifron. Extremely talented player with brilliant strategies.




Many people consider the importance of Korean "school" overrated. Would you like to live and train among the Koreans?


I would have liked to live and train there only if I knew the Korean language and were a Korean myself. Otherwise, I will be an alien there.


Please, name the best players in StarCraft in its history.


Boxer, Iloveoov, Nada, Flash, MVP. Yep, they're all terrans!


Recently, eSports has evolved a lot. How do you view this process, where are we going to be in 5 years?


I believe that it's impossible to predict how eSports is going to develop. It's like a roulette. I hope our future is bright though!


What are you going to do after these five years? Will keep on playing?


I hope I'll be able to find myself in eSports for a long time in the future, but I'll be ready to step down and leave eSports if the circumstances dictate so.


Have you tried other eSports titles?


In times of StarCraft: Brood War I played Half-Life really good. Not professionally, of course, but still.


What's your take on female competitions? Do you even consider it as legit eSports?


Actually, it's great! Totally support it!


Is StarCraft just a game or does it help people to develop important skills in real life?


StarCraft as well as the eSports in general is a lifestyle. It's not Ukrainian, Russian or any other. It's a lifestyle of a "global" person who have friends all around the world. It's a lifestyle of those who travel a lot and see many curious things. As for the useful skills, we gain them during whole life no matter what we do.


Please, prioritize speed, luck, manner, strategy, and micro\macro.


They're all crucial for any professional player, so I won't rate and compare them.


Do you do any other sports? For example, do you do exercise and do you consider it important for a cyberathlete?


I go to the gym and run on the wharf. I think it's important to exercise for everyone, not just the players.

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