Na`Vi.Ceh9 inverviewed at e-Stars Seoul

It was clearly visible that you were "on fire" in the match against Winfakt. What happened? Did you set your mind and realized you don't want to lose?

Ceh9:Finnish team didn't play that wise and played very aggressive. You don't need to play like that against us. They paid for it. What about me, I don't think I was "on fire". I was just let to play my game and I used this opportunity. Finnish team still have to work hard on their game after their long break for CS 1.6. They need to improve their game because now noone can be defeated with the style that dates back to 2007. 

You've met MTW in official matches already 9 times and you have been always victorious... How will you prepare for this anniversary match against Danes?

Ceh9: This match is going to be the first one in BO1 DE system. That's why I personally would like to forget about all those victories and concentrate entirely on the game. Let them recollect the memories and we have to do everything possible to beat them. We want to test our de_nuke once again. 

What would you say about overall skill level of participating teams?

Ceh9: The tournament has now determied top 4 teams. It looks quite logical. There are teams that had to be there and practiced to do so. Of course, I'd like to win but recently this young lady called "Victory" left us. 

You play 2 matches per day maximum. Do you think this format is better than 3+ important matches per day format?

Ceh9: It would be even better if we could play in BO3 SE format even if it would take 7 maps. Today I had an interesting idea. It is the fourth tournament where we don't play de_dust2. And we practice this map quite hard and it is considered to be our best. And now I think about why tournament organizers come with all these new tournament formats and maps. Just play these nukes and forges.

 What do you do when not playing?

Ceh9: We watch other teams playing, talk with fans, give autographes, eating. In the evening we may have a walk and get some rest. It's hard to get used to local timezone. We fall asleep at 23:00 and get up at 3-4 am and can't sleep anymore. We can hardly fall asleep at 6-7 am and at 10 am you have to get up. It's a disaster for me because I like to sleep a lot :) 

I see, good luck tomorrow!

Ceh9: Thanks!

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gogo ceh9!
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Nice one... Good luck for future
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