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As you may have noticed, for the past few weeks our Own3d channel got a new streamer in the face of legendary "Dota Master" - image Vladimir "PGG" Anosov. For the last few months there were not many news about Vladimir and that's why we decided to change that with an interview exclusively for If you want to know more about his "streaming career", further gaming plans, as well as his thoughts on the current shape of European Dota 2 scene, you will definitely enjoy our read. Have fun!


Hello Vova! It has been few month since The International 2, both M5 and TR disbanded twice and now you are not playing for any team. So please tell us what do you do right now?


Hello. I made a small break from Dota and now I'm ready to get back to business. I didn't get any noteworthy offers from existing teams, that's why I'm making "yet another PGG+4" team behind the scenes :)



What happened to TR and why the lineup that played at Starladder 3 and other tournaments failed?


Nothing happened to TR, we had a lineup of friends that had more or less clue how to play this game to save the slot. Alas, that didn't work out. That lineup of TR didn't play any other tournaments.


What relations do you have with Vigoss, Admiration, Silent and Bl00dAngel after the disbandment of the original M5 lineup?


I have friendly relations with some of them, I do not contact with the rest after conclusions we had after The International 2. Overall everyone has his own interests and nobody is playing in the same team with others.


What can you say about Moscow 5 as an organization? Did you follow the performance of their new team and were you surprised with the announcement of its disbandment?


I'd better refrain from answering the first part of the question. Speaking about the disbandment, that was expected. They did well because of major players' shuffle: the only team that kept its original lineup after TI2 was Na`Vi and no wonder that a well-played team was winning over mix-teams. It will be a benefit for the best players from the lineup, and disadvantage for the worst ones :)


Why did you stop playing Dota 2 competitively after TR's disbandment? Did anything change in your life, maybe you've got a job and now working as a high-paid psychologist or HR manager?


There was no ТR disbandment :). I don't just deem necessary to compete without a decent team, otherwise it would be just another fail all over again. Nothing changed in my life except of my moving to Saint-Petersburg to live with my girlfriend.


In one of your streams you said that you wanted to play together with Danes (MiGGel and Angel) but then you changed your mind. Is it true? If so, why this lineup didn't work out? What players would you prefer to play with?


Yeah, there were such talks, but after some discussions we abandoned this idea so right now neither I nor them are playing in any team. Speaking about new players, you will hear about them soon!


By the way for the past few weeks you got known to Dota 2 community as a streamer. Can you talk a bit about it, where do we find you and when?


You are right, I am streaming daily for about 6 to 10 hours starting at 14:00 Moscow time and till the end. Overall people like it, especially when I am in a good mood <3. You can check my stream yourself here -


During The International 2 Grand FInal some vieweres of our YouTube channel could enjoy your commentating talents. Didn't you think about continuing your Dota 2 career in this role?


I don't give up that easy :). I've already got offers from v1lat and others to cooperate with them but I told that I was a player and until I didn't fail in this role, I would not even think about it ;)



Being The International 2 player and participant, what do you think about Na`Vi's performance at the event? Do you think it was luck that Na`Vi became the event runner-ups and the only non-Asian team in the Top8?


TI2 is the best tournament I've ever attended. Na`Vi got their game and beheaded Chinese teams in such a manner that even Chinese audience started to cheer for them)) It was no luck by any means.


As far as I remember, you were a good chess player in the past, competing at the Moscow Championship (please let me know if I am wrong). What did you like in chess and is there anything similar with Dota 2? I.e. during pick/ban phase or  some stages of the match?


You are wrong). I am a mid-skilled chess player. There is some similarities, of course, but Knights in Dota 2 are more mobile compared to chess.


Have you ever played poker? If yes, was it successful?


Yes I have, although not so serious and that successful, but I still was often winning :)


Why Russian Dota players didn't beat Chinese ones yet? :)


The condition doesn't let them!


Are you going to change this tendency and how soon? ;)


Someone has to do it, why shouldn't it be me. Let the terms be a secret.


What are you ready to sacrifice for winning The International 3?


I'll have to spend yet another summer playing Dota 2, maybe also a spring and an autumn!


Interview by Andrew "Xeo" Yatsenko, exclusively for

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