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imageHi Edward! First of all, I’d like to ask you the burning question: what happened in China? Why did you fail during the group stage? 

Edward: Hey Oleg. The game is online only, and therefore there are no such commands like cl_cmdrate, cl_updaterate, cl_cmdbackup and rate. Aim is very random. Oh, and there was no ex_interp by the way. The game lasted till 9 rounds per one side and we lacked two rounds to pass the group. We were lucky not to have played tuscan (maps were chosen randomly), as it called toscan in China and looked completely different with other textures :)


None of you played CS: Online before this trip, did you? Did you have any time to practice before the tournament? 
Edward: None of us played it before. We had two practice days before the tournament. We went to an internet cafe, where we had to take free computers and they were far from each other. We sat 2-2-1. Three of us played without ventrillo on the first day. We played about 5 maps on the first day and only 2 maps on the second one.


Were Chinese more prepared? They won 4 maps but managed to fail against the teams they had defeated before. Why was everything so random? Is it some feature of the game?
: They told us that they played not much more than we did, except for individual play. First of all, we lost on de_train when we were up 8-0. Playing for the other side we didn’t take a round. By the way, respawns for both sides were slightly changed on train. We failed for the second time on inferno, as our defense let us down, we just did too much fails. 


I bet, you have discussed in-game nuances privately with team. What can you say about league organization level? What was your schedule? 
Edward: The organization was well-prepared, we were treated with awe and respect, we visited restaurants and even made a tour around the office. We had the whole day for making photos, video and interviews. 


It was not your first trip in China. What impresses you the most in this country?
Edward: Do you mean Shanghai? Yes, I’ve already been there. 23 million of people live in the city, there are no traffic rules. Roads are very chaotic :) People are friendly, they seem to be very interested in us =) unfortunately we had no time for sightseeing. I keep it for the next time. I was impressed that Chinese people go outside to do kung fu at 6 AM.




What do you think of such teams as ESC-Gaming, SK, Fnatic and M5. What is their level at the moment?
Edward: ESC do not have the best shape now but they can concentrate and win any tournament they want. SK are on a very high level, their obvious perks are aggressive style and perfect aim. Fnatic are very motivated to win their first world championship (so to say). They are very dangerous for any team now. M5 have good aim and well-established line-up. I guess they are in good shape.


Tell me about M5 in detail. You failed against them in Minsk (if counting the amount of rounds) ... Does the format of showmatch allow ed you to play in агдд strength? 
: Showmatch was perfomed on laptops some of us played on 60 Hz. Dosya suggested me to set up 1024px resolution and it helped =). Nothing was visible on my usual 640px, possibly due to the video card or something. We have lost dust2 completely, then we woke up on tuscan and made a comeback =)


Speaking about the situation inside the team… While you have been playing together for almost 2.5 years and hopefully understand each other perfectly, there are some conflicts based on game situations (we do know that there are some conflicts). How do you cope with them?
: Well, of course there are. We discuss everything in detail after each game and listen carefully to everyone’s remarks. We try not to pay attention to conflicts and disagreements during the game, as we have to win, not argue. 




Many of our members in VKontakte group wonder which computer do you use at home? Tell us a secret.
Edward: To be honest, I’ve always wanted to get something really cool but somehow I did not have time to do it. One day I happened to have a small break and I got down to business:) I use 2x SSD-drive Kingston HyperX 120 GB, so that everything could load in 2-3 time faster. I’ve chosen Samsung 2233rz for monitor and Intel Core i7-2600K CPU 3.40GHz for processor. My memory is Kingston HyperX 8 gb DDR3 and my video card is GeForce GTX 580. All this stuff is dressed in a stylish, pretty and noiseless Antec DF-30 case.


You’ve been using SteelSeries Kinzu for a long  time. Why don’t you change a model? What attracts you to the SS Kinzu V2Pro? 
Edward: I got used to built-in acceleration, that’s the point. I’ve always liked the shape of SteelSeries mouse. By the way, I reveal you a secret. Natus Vincere together with SteelSeries is preparing a gorgeous gift to all of our fans. Check out and be the first one to know about it. 


Thank you for the honest answers :) You can say a few words to all of your fans.
Edward: Thank you guys for supporting us. Please keep in mind that we always read all your comments. 

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