Na`Vi - one step away from gold


One of the greatest eSports events of this Summer - DreamHack Summer 2015 - is over. The winners are defined and the teams are coming back home. Having defeated Ukraine Natus Vincere in the Grand Final, Swedish team Sweden fnatic took the first place in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and $20 000 as prize pool.



The main trophy of the tournament looks like IEM Cup.


The semifinal match for our team was very hard. One moment it seemed that France Titan will become an unsurpassable obstacle in the pass to the Grand Final for our team. Ukraine Natus Vincere were loosing the first game at cobblestone with the gap of фищге 8-10 rounds. It still seemed that Na`Vi could catch up with the rival and finish the game with draw result in overtime. However, splendid performance of enemy sniper France kennys left us no chance. We lost the first game. 



Successful performance of  FranceTitan at the tournaments heavily depends on the game of 2 key players  FranceapEX and France Kennys.

If they fail, the whole team fails. France apEX was perfect at semifinal. However, it didn't save the team from losing. 


The second game held at overpass seemed to be similar to the first one in the very beginning. France Titan were leading, while Ukraine Natus Vincere were trying to catch up with them. Our team would have lost, but our players managed to gather strengths. Having made an outstanding comeback from the score of 0:7, they managed to even the score (9:9) and eventually won  — 16:11. Next map - inferno - was decisive. 



[11:16 cobblestone, 16:11 overpass, 16:7 inferno]

The last game held at inferno wasn't as spectacular and tense as the previous two. Great performance by Russian Federationseized in previous games, when he would abruptly break into a made 3 kills, and great game by Slovakia GuardiaN, when he managed to make 4 kills with AWP enabled our team to claim the victory. Unlike the beginning of this match, the team played confidently and powerfully on the third map. Frankly speaking both the Born to Win and the Titans are good at inferno, so they had even chances to win. However, Ukraine Natus Vincere undertook non-standard actions. They played really aggressively. The French were saving devices during 6 rounds instead of exchanging and trying to win the game. 16:7 was the final result at inferno and the match resulted in 2:1. Natus Vincere passed to the final to fight against the best team - Sweden fnatic.



Powerful emotions of our captain.


Our team has one drawback. It gets into the corner, were there's no place to retreat. It begins with losses only to dramatically try saving the situation in the end. Should our players' performance be of the same level in the very beginning as it is in the end, we'd leave less chances to our rivals. Our team is the most inconvenient rival for Sweden fnatic, because Ukraine Natus Vincere often act in a very unusual way. However, in its current shape Sweden fnatic is a dangerous enemy for any teams. It seems nobody would stop them this year. Frankly speaking Swedish CS is so powerful that the winner is usually either Sweden NiP or Sweden fnatic.


Unfortunately, the final match against Sweden fnatic wasn't advantageous for our team. We didn't seem to do anything at mirage, neither in the beginning of the game, nor in the end. Even 3 sniper rifles in one of the rounds and a couple of time-outs couldn't save the game. UkraineNatus Vincere could only decrease the difference in the scores by imposing a small struggle in the end of the game, not more. The Swedes defeated our team at 16:9.  



[9:16 mirage, 14:16 train]

In the attack at train, Ukraine Natus Vincere won the gun round. However, before that they lost the fnatic's eco round and then lost one more. Only flawless performance by Ukraine Edward and Slovakia GuardiaN enabled Na`Vi to hold the enemy. Therefore the first side of the map ended for us at 8:7 (Sweden fnatic winning). 


The game at the second part of the map went pretty similarly to the first one. Sweden fnatic and Ukraine Na`Vi had been playing equally for quite a while until one of the parties faced troubles with the economy. Sweden fnatic began playing more carefully. Timeout by Ukraine Na`Vi didn't help much, and eventually the Swedes won the game. The last purchase by our team was quite unsuccessful which resulted in 16:14.
fnatic proved they are the best once again
As one of the casters said: "fnatic are damn robots, they don't care which team to play against". However, Ukraine Na`Vi proved that it is possible to play against them and it is possible to defeat them, if a team doesn't make stupid mistakes. Let us consider this DreamHack to be quite successful for our team. We were the first in the group by defeating Sweden NiP, we managed to make a comeback in the game against France Titan. Let us be grateful to our players for a spectacular tournament!

The prizes and the teams:

top 1 place — Swedenfnatic — $ 20 000

top 2 place — UkraineNatus Vincere — $ 6 000

top 3 - top 4 place — FranceTitan и SwedenNiP — $ 5 000

top 5 - top 8 place — NorwayLGB, UkraineFlipSid3, DenmarkDignitas, InternationalKinguin — $ 3 300

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