Exclusive interview with Starix

imageHe is the three-times world champion and the winner of numerous 'the best player' awards. He is confident, stable and... non talkative image Sergey "starix" Ischuk! Yet we were able to catch him for a talk which turned into a detailed and massive interview! You wouldn't like to miss it if you want to know more about Starix, his impressions of the year and his point of view about the current world Counter-Strike scene. Without further ado, we're glad to present you an exclusive interview with Starix!

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PS: By the way Starix has turned 23 today! Let's wish him a happy birthday!

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#1 14 December 2010, 21:15
Happy Birthday starix!
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#2 15 December 2010, 08:27
HB starix
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