June for Na`Vi.DotA2 in numbers: Dendi

We're back with another edition of Na`Vi.DotA2 in numbers. In the previous articles we broke down the statistics of Clement "Puppey" Ivanov and Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov. This time we will crunch the numbers of the most recognizable Na`Vi player - Daniil "Dendi" Ishutin.


Daniil's in-game position is the center of the map. He's considered one of the best players in the world at his position. Dendi is almost always ahead of his opponents in terms of finishing off creeps. Despite his confident moves his position is often very vulnerable at the early stages of the game. Daniil has to apply the right amount of aggression in order to get farm as well as be careful enough to avoid the smoke-gang.


During June Daniil missed the match versus Dignitas (3 games) where he was substituted by the team captain - Clement. In order to understand how difficult it really is to play in this position we will take a look at the stats of Daniil such as kills, deaths and assists, and then we'll analyze what Puppey was able to achieve in this role in the middle of the map during those three games.

In the match against Dignitas Clement finished his games with the following stats:


Dragon Knight: 0 kills, 9 deaths, 2 assists;

Puck: 4 kills, 2 deaths, 14 assists;

Pugna: 4 kills, 3 deaths, 15 assists.


Comparing these values one can certainly tell that not every Na`Vi player is able to successfully stand the pressure of the middle position. Even though the sample size is too small to draw such exact conclusions. Now, let's move onto the games where Daniil managed to hit the extreme values in his performance in terms of stats.


Daniil had only one really bad game in June when he not only exceeded the "default" number of deaths but also played an unusual hero for him - clockwerk. It was the second game versus Team Liquid (Natus Vincere won the first one) in RaidCall D2L. Daniil was up against TC who played Naga Siren. The beginning was just standard but shortly after Daniil was down in health and used Power Cogs near the tower in order, we suppose, to just push TC back but the latter was somehow sucked into the cogs like in a Black Hole.




As a result, Daniil let his opponent have the first kill and started to sink. This said, by the fifth minute into the match TC had twice as much gold as Dendi and counting. Without the gold, the items and experience, cloclwerk was still able to breakthrough with the help of Hookshot but every such breakthrough would eventually result in a death. This game wasn't an exception. Daniil's stats for the match: 2 kills, 9 deaths, 7 assists.


During June Daniil managed to hit 18 kills twice. Both times - with Puck. The first game was against Virtus.pro in RaidCall D2L. We've already mentioned this game in the Funn1k article in terms of most assists but overall statistically Dendi was the better player with his 18 kills, 2 deaths and record-breaking (for him) 43 assists. Dendi's set in that game was mind-boggling: Blink Dagger, Boots of travel, Scythe of Vyse, Dagon 5, Ethereal blade, and [drum-roll] Refresher orb! But anyway, anything can happen during the 73 minutes, you know.


The second occasion when Daniil managed kill his opponents 18 times was the match against Mousesports during the same league. Being in the middle up against NYX controlled by Bone (temporary stand-in for Mouz from Kaipi), Dendi felt quite confident despite the fact that it was clear as a day tha Mouz were going to burn the mana. Even though the first and the second runas were gone, Daniil quickly got the sixth level and made 2 kills on the bottom line which resulted in him leading in gold by the seventh minute of the match. Converting this advantage into the items, Daniil was out of the top-3 most "wealthy" heroes only by the 30th minute of the game. By this time he already had Blink Dagger, Power Threads and Scythe of Vyse. Dendi finished the game with everything mentioned above except for Refresher Orb. The final stats: 18 kills, 2 deaths, 24 assists.


It's time to find out how good Dendi is in terms of XPM, GPM and finishing off creeps.

Let's once again analyze the games where Dendi hit the bottom of his XPM and GPM, and then take a look at those where he managed to show the maximum of his abilities. The lowest GPM was witnessed during the mentioned match versus Team Liquid where Daniil played clockwerk.


As for the XPM problems, the occured during the second game against iG in the group stage of the Alienware cup where Dendi had to play Lina while his opponent in the middle unexpectedly became Lifestealer performed by Ferrari. By the second minute of the game Faith took away the speed boosting runa giving his Jakiro the opportunity to go ahead and kill Daniil. Unfortunately for iG, Lifestealer's health at that moment was around 30% which was perceived by Dendi as the invitation to kill him, so even after getting Ice Path'ed in the back he didn't step back and opened the score in the match. By the sixth minute into the match Dendi was leading in GPM and Net worth being by far ahead of Lifestealer and iG's carry - Morphling. Nevertheless, all those successes were vain due to the fact that every team fight was opened by the breakthrough of the opposing Batrider which managed to get his job done so that our guys had to fight being 4 versus 5. It was fatal for the phase when the match moved from the farming stage to the team fights. The in-game stats: 4 kills, 6 deaths, 2 assists.


The best GPM and XPM was demonstrated by Daniil in RaidCall D2L during the second game versus Mousesports where Puppey gifted him the opportunity to play Shadow Fiend. By the way, the game was a continuation of the match against Mouz during which Daniil managed to make 18 kills with Puck, only this time he had to play against him. It seemed that everything was going Mouz' way in the middle but Satyr Tormenter came to save the day for Dendi so it turned out that Bone (Puck) wasn't all that good at using Phase Shift. Dendi, in his turn, managed to finish off creeps just like he's used to. However, the fifth minute of the match brought the smoke-gang which couldn't be avoided by Dendi.




Nevertheless, thanks to wise usage of Shadowraze Dendi took out every single creep in his way. Let's add that more than half of all kills were also performed by Daniil. That's why it shouldn't come as a surprise that his stats hit their maximums in this game. What SHOULD come as a surprise is why Daniil isn't allowed to play Shadow Fiend more often?


Let's move onto the heroes of Daniil in the previous month:

Comparing these statistics with the earlier games of Natus Vincere, one can notice that during the 47 games in June Daniil played Magnus only once while this hero was used way more often by him in the past (like in every second game). At the moment, Magnus is the most used hero by Daniil (36 games, 25 wins). Thanks to June, the second spot is now occupied by Puck (30 games, 24 wins). Queen of Pain (33 games, 24 wins) got ahead of Templar Assassin (28 games, 20 wins). The last of the top-5 heroes picked by Dendi is Pudge (18 games, 14 wins).


Let's get this article done with the top-5 items used by Dendi in June:

That's all for now but don't go away yet as the numbers for Kuroky are coming at you pretty soon. All data for the article was collected by GhostBionic.

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