June for Na`Vi.DotA2 in numbers: Summary

The time for our final article about Na`Vi.DotA2 in June numbers has arrived. Today we'll give you the answers to the following intriguing questions: which heroes is Puppey afraid of, who's the best player of June statistically, who are the most mentioned (pick+ban) heroes in Na`Vi matches, what's the total number of kills performed by Natus Vincere in June?


The previous articles of the series: Puppey, Funn1k, Dendi, XBOCT, KuroKy.


We'll start with a table which illustrates the heroes to be avoided by the captain:



As you can see, the first few places are occupied by iO and Batrider. Kunkka on the third line is quite unexpected though. Natus Vincere also eliminated Gyrocopter 4 times (XBOCT played him the most in June). Now, let's take a look at the top-5 picked and banned heroes by Na`Vi and their opponents.


iO and Batrider share the first place because they participated in all 50 games. Natus Vincere banned iO 28 times while it was picked only twice (versus RS and Zenith). As for the opponents, they banned it 19 times and played once (PR). The most "hating" team for Batrider became Natus Vincere - they banned him 27 times. Their enemies turned him down only in 20 matches. This hero was on Na`Vi's side only twice (against Virtus.pro and Keira) and once - for iG.


The well-deserved top-2 goes to Gyrocopter (45 games) which was avoided by the enemies 13 times while was used by them in 10 matches. Natus Vincere, in their turn, banned him only 4 times and used him in 18 games (in 17 of which XBOCT played him). Following Alexander's main hero in June, goes Klement's favorite - Chen (38 games) which was burned by the opponents 22 times and never used. It was tough for Puppey but he managed to ban Chen twice and used him 14 times to satisfy the needs of his team.


The last standing in this top-5 is Furion (35 games) who is almost equally treated by Natus Vincere and their opponents: 11 bans from the enemies, 10 bans from Na`Vi, 8 picks for enemies, 6 picks for Natus Vincere.


Let's compare the most interesting stats now. We'll look at different Na`Vi players' kills, deaths, XPM, and GPM. But first, let's consider the total number of kills for Natus Vincere in June. We'd like to remind you that there were 50 official matches which amounted for 1,632 minutes of play.



Factoring in the time spent in-game, we get around 0.8 kills per minute for Natus Vincere (or 4 kills every 5 minutes of play). During those games 31,321 creeps were killed by Na`Vi. Let's move onto the comparison table:



Mind-boggling fact: Dendi is ahead of the main carry of the team in terms of kills while KuroKy bests Funn1k in the same area. As you can see, the deaths are distributed quite equally among the team members but it's worth highlighting that Dendi dies less often than the others.


As for the creeps, XBOCT performed about 36% kills of the whole team. We believe that Dendi is the MVP of Natus Vincere in June. What do YOU think?




This wraps up our series in numbers for Na`Vi.DotA2 in June. We appreciate your dedication and time to read this so we promise to bring you another series for July soon. It will allow you to track the progress (or lack thereof) of the team. Stay tuned!

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