June for Na`Vi.DotA2 in numbers: XBOCT

Half way through our series in numbers for June, we need to do just two more articles about the rest of the players and then summarize everything to find out who was the best Na`Vi.DotA2 player last month. Today we'll take a look at Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevish.


By the way, the previous articles can be found here: Puppey, Funn1k, Dendi.


We would like to bring your attention to the fact that Dendi's top-5 heroes actually are: Magnus (36 games, 25 wins). Puck (30 games, 24 wins), Queen of Pain (33 games, 24 wins), Templar Assassin (28 games, 20 wins), and Pudge (18 games, 14 wins).


Alexander is the main carry of Natus Vincere. He delivers as much (if not more) butthurt to the team haters as the captain of Natus Vincere. A lot of faces have been palmed (and vice versa) due to some "unlucky" moments when XBOCT breaks through somewhere unexpectedly. Unlike many other players in his role (especially the Chinese), XBOCT is walking on the edge of the knife every time like some crazy professor. Sometimes his actions could be illustrated by this picture.


Same as Dendi, Alexander missed three games last month. In other words, he took part in 47 matches. The range of his favorite heroes is quite narrow which can be easily comprehended after looking at the graph below:



Considering the fact that Alexander's top-1 character is Lifestealer (53 games, 37 wins), it's strange to see him having used this hero only 4 times. Perhaps, the reason behind it is that in those games Lifestealer was banned too often (19 times, 8 of which was by Natus Vincere) or used by opponents (7 times). The preference was given over to Gyrocopter which helped XBOCT to perform in June twice as much as in all previous months in DotA2. There were also some heroes added to Alexander's list for the first time: Shadow Demon (defeat against iG in the Alienware group stage) and Necrolyte (victory versus Mousesports at SLTV). It's odd but during that month we never saw Luna (18 games, 13 wins), nor Chaos Knight (15 games, 9 wins) which are the top-3 and top-5 respectively in the top heroes used by XBOCT. Juggernaut (14 games, 10 wins) was witnessed only once. All in all, it was a strange month for XBOCT in terms of heroes but it's quite likely that the team is trying to somehow change their game in order to improve before The International 2013.


As Alexander's role is carry, his key stats are XPM, GPM and finishing off creeps. Let's consider his highest and lowest values for 47 games in June:



Alexander hit the bottom in all these stats (XPM, GPM, LS) in the second match versus iG in the group stage of the Alienware tournament. That was the very game where he got to play Shadow Demon, so there's no surprise he performed that poorly. On the other hand, the best XPM and GPM were achieved in the second game against Empire in The Defense. The match which lasted a little bit more than 30 minutes allowed Alexander who was playing Alchemist to get Phase Boots, Hand of Midas, Assault Cuirass, Heart of Tarrasque, Radiance, and it's likely he had a chance to also get Shiva, Plate Mail.


The maximum value in terms of finishing off creeps was reached in the second game against Fnatic in RaidCall D2L where XBOCT fell in love with his Gyrocopter and managed to obtain Boots of Travel, Dagon 5, Butterfly and one, two, three(!) rapiers. Way to go, bud!


Now, it's time for us to move onto XBOCT's statistics for kills, deaths and assists.



Flying on his Gyrocopter, Alexander was able to enjoy enemy's blood only once, in the rivalry against RoX.KiS in The Defense which ended in 12 minutes with a 9-0 score in favor of Natus Vincere. 8 out of 9 kills were performed by Dendi who was riding Windrunner. Girls power!


The maximum amount of kills was reached in the before mentioned match versus Virtus.pro in RaidCall D2L where Alexander's Spectre finished the game with Boots of Travel, Black King Bar, Buttergly, Heart of Tarrasque, Sange&Yasha, Radiance and almost 7,000 of gold at his disposal. The absence of rapiers can tell us that Alexander is quite tolerant towards the bears (VP logo).


Let's take a look at the top-5 items used by XBOCT in June:



That's all for XBOCT for today. All there's left for us to do is to thank every Na`Vi fan for the support which was demonstrated during the Alienware event. We appreciate your help, guys.


The data for this article was collected by JeyDi.

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