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A few days ago Valve - The International 2015 organizer - presented the items that will be sold in The Secret Shop 2015. In addition to that, they introduced online pre-order system on, created to avoid queue problem. We decided to look through the website and show you amazing things that Valve had prepared for us!


The main page of the website includes "Sign in with Steam" form for all International attendees, planning to place a pre-order, and form for non-attendees, wishing to receive the newest updates. According to the site, most items will be available for sale shortly after The International 2015



Note: almost all images below are clickable and redirect to certain web-pages of!


Hero figurines


Small cartoon-like hero figurines are presented in the first section of the website. As in the previous year, there is a chance of getting the "rare" one with golden inserts. The figurines cost $ 30 each and come with the Imbued Trove Carafe 2015 treasure. 


 Bloodseeker  Outworld Devourer  Venomancer
 Bounty Hunter  Death Prophet




The number of different plushies, compared to last year, remains the same - you have 10 options to choose from. The only things that were changed are the heroes and a secret "rare" eleventh toy. In addition to each plushie you can get Imbued Lockless Luckvase 2015 treasure as a bonus. The "rare" toy, mentioned above, allows you to activate Staglift courier, which looks like a mechanical horse on the preview. The price of each toy is $ 15. You can see all available hero figurines in the pictures below.


 Sven  Storm Spirit  Necrophos  Lina
 Juggernaut  Jakiro  Brewmaster  Razor
 Dark Seer  Invoker


This year's  Ursa is a big and adorable toy! It looks similar to the character of the Cute Little Ursa video. It comes with  Imbued Sculptor's Pillar 2015 treasure and costs $ 44



 Tidehunter ($ 33) and   Puck ($ 35) Cuddlehero pillows are the new additions to The Secret Shop. 



Another amazingly unique item, which can be found here, is an Alchemist plush hat! The website says that it fits most ogres. Are you ready to try it on? Exclusive Midas Knuckles 2015 come with it as a bonus, and the whole set costs $ 60.





This year's pins are sold in packs containing 5 items, one of which is "rare". You also get Imbued Sculptor's Pillar 2015 and virtual versions of pins for your Steam profile for $ 45.


Pack #1:  Queen of Pain Ursa Kunkka Sven Pack #2:  Batrider Tidehunter Magnus Ogre Magi
Pack #3:  Juggernaut Storm Spirit,  Ember Spirit Earth Spirit «Rare» pack:  Abaddon Axe Sniper Death Prophet


Men's apparel


Men's apparel section includes clothes for all seasons - from usual jerseys to sweaters, hoodies and even shirts! However, the prices of Valve items are rather high. You'll have to pay at least $ 45 for each piece mentioned above. T-shirts from Steam workshop, on the other hand, are much more affordable - $ 27.


Dota 2 Axe Soccer Jersey — $ 45 Dota 2 Drow Soccer Jersey — $ 45 The International 5 Soccer Jersey — $ 45 DOTA 2 Long Sleeve — $ 55
DOTA 2 Logo Sweater — $ 65 The International 5 Track Jacket — $ 70 DOTA 2 Contrast Zip Hoodie — $ 50 Tidehunter Sweater — $ 55


The variety of printed shirts in Steam workshop is super wide, so we recommend you to go take a look at them and choose by yourself. Almost every single t-shirt comes with Imbued Sculptor's Pillar 2015. Here are a few examples of prints, which you can find there for $ 27:


Earthshaker's Cherished Item Techies KaBOOM! Invisibility Party Facelift Void


Women's apparel


The women's apparel section offers even wider selection of products. Apart from sweaters, t-shirts and tops you can find leggings, shorts and even   Crystal Maiden's hoodie there. Isn't it a perfect souvenir for the girlfriend of every dota-fan? The prices start at $ 22.


Templar Assassin Long Sleeve Top — $ 35 DOTA2 Logo Sweater — $ 65 The International 5 Track Jacket — $ 70 Crystal Maiden Hoodie — $ 65
Hero Collage Jacket — $ 50 DOTA 2 Cowl Hoodie — $ 50 Watercolor Hero Leggings — $ 33 DOTA 2 Lounge Shorts — $ 22




There is no doubt that everybody will find something interesting out of beanies, mugs, pint glasses, baseball caps and other cool things offered in "The Secret Shop". There is a cool TI2015 keyboard among them as well. Prices start at $ 10.

Dota 2 Foldover Beanie — $ 22 Dota 2 Slouch Beanie — $ 22 DOTA 2 Tango Necklace — $ 25 Alchemist/QoP Pint Glass, Coaster — $ 16
DOTA 2 Logo Mug — $ 10 Muggernaut — $ 25 DOTA 2 Snapback Cap — $ 22 DOTA 2 Stretch Baseball Cap — $ 22


2 items, borrowed from the most popular Dota 2 character Pudge, certainly deserve a special mention. With the help of his hook and cleaver you`ll surely be the most intimidating out of your friends! The price is a bit high - $ 44 - but it won't be a problem for a true fan! 



A mechanical SteelSeries keyboard, for sure, came as a complete surprise for all fans. The limited edition Apex M800 Dota 2 Edition in golden color scheme comes with an exclusive in-game item and costs $ 220



If you feel ready to make your workplace even more Dota 2-themed, take a look at 7 different multicolored mouse pads offered in the shop. They are $ 26 each and come with Imbued Sculptor's Pillar 2015. You can see some examples below.



Workshop artworks


The next section consists of all artworks that have got the biggest number of Steam users votes. Look what exactly is in there by clicking on the picture above. Perhaps, you`ll see something familiar! 




Valve introduced a new system : receive one emoticharm pack for every $ 50 spend! Each pack has stickers, and everybody who will manage to collect all 6 packs and stickers will receive an exclusive in-game item! But, of course, there is a small catch - all packs are blind-boxed and you can't see what is inside. Click on the picture above to see all different types of emoticharms.


So what do you think of this year's Secret Shop? Which item do you like the most? 

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