Na`Vi.Kimi: "Top-1 is our goal"

On the eve of the final part of Road to BlizzCon 2015 Europe Open #2, we got a chance to sit down with the manager of our Heroes of the Storm roster and talk about team’s preparation, their plans for the future and much more! 
— Hello! We have a lot to discuss, so let’s jump right in. The team performed very well at Road to BlizzCon July Open. Which plans do you have for the nearest future, for August open?
— Hi! The plans remain exactly the same as they were in July: we want to win. Honestly speaking, I am really satisfied with the current system, because thanks to it you can participate in all "opens". Our next goal, just between you and me, will be the victory, as well. 
— So, do you plan on taking part in all tournaments you can? European WCA qualifiers have just ended, and Enter the Storm #3 will kick off in just a few days. How do the players feel about such an intense schedule?
— After all those roster changes, participating in different tournaments is extremely beneficial to us. We work really hard and have a fixed practice schedule. Also, we had a short break after WCA, so we actually feel pretty good! 
— Speaking about the roster changes, apart from joining a completely new team, DenmarkAlexTheProG had to overcome difficulties concerned with the change of the role. Was it easy for him to fit into the team?
 — Alex is certainly worth praising. He did an excellent job fitting into the team, and plays incredibly well as a “tank”. So far everything is really good. 


— The current roster was ranked TOP-5 and TOP-10 by many different portals. Is it a bragging right or another challenge to become the TOP-1? 
— TOP-1 is our goal, for sure, and I think that all guys will agree with me on this. It’s obvious that becoming the first is not easy, but it is actually next to impossible to remain the first for long nowadays. But we are working on it now. 
— The team has its special style of playing. Do you experiment during the official games, use unusual picks or strategies, for instance?
— Sometimes, yes, we can, but only sometimes. Usually, if we play the match, the guys put 110% efforts into the game, no matter who we are playing against.  
— The new patch of the game has been available on the test server for the past week. Did the players familiarize themselves with it, or continue practicing using the current version?   
— Well, the version is already available, and as far as I know, Road to BlizzCon Open finals will use it in their matches. Of course, we are trying to prepare for that. As any other update, this patch changed a lot in terms of mechanics of the game, but we are trying to adapt.  
— Our players can win each and every team from the TOP-10, and they have already proven it in many matches, but recently they have lost to fnatic at WCA. What has gone wrong? Have you analyzed your mistakes?
— The WCA group stage went really well for us, and we finished it with a 6:0 score, but the game against fnatic was just horrible. I think, we will have a lot of bad games in the future, it is impossible to avoid them, but that match was unexpectedly bad. We couldn’t do anything right, made a lot of mistakes and failed to turn the tide of the game. Maybe, the fact that it was our first LAN-tournament with this roster hindered us from winning, but I can’t say for sure. Concerning those mistakes that we made, we have put a lot of work to fix all of our problems. The match against Liquid was just unfortunate for us. We made some mistakes, at some moments we played just a little worse, but this is the game, and it is how it works. Someone loses, someone wins. I am glad that the guys are not ready to give up. On the contrary, they are motivated to work even harder.


— How the guys rest after the match days at the LAN-tournaments? Do they prefer active or passive rest?


— We like to hang out together, talk our matches through. Sometimes, we like to distract our attention from the games and do something else. But usually we discuss our rivals or the plan for the upcoming games.


Who usually boosts the team morale?


— The guys are always fully concentrated when they are playing, and their morale is always on a decent level. Outside the game, it is one of my responsibilities. So, it would probably be me and Bulgaria ethernal.  BulgariaSplendour’s unique humor is worth separate mentioning, as well!    


Enter the Storm #3 group stage kicks off on August 24. Na`Vi are considered favorites of their group. Are you afraid to face some of the “dark horses”?

— Actually, we are ready to face all rivals. And I am more than confident that the guys have never made the mistake of underestimating their opponents. HotS is one of the fastest-developing games, and every team is able to surprise.   

— Our interview is coming to an end. Do you want to say something else to your fans?


— Big thanks to all fans that support us! We are playing only for you! See you!


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