Invite friend - get SteelSeries Siberia

 Where can I find my personal referal link?

It's very easy - it's in your profile (



Who can participate?

Every registered user of our forums Na`Vi players and staff are not allowed to participate. Forum moderators can participate.


It's important not only to invite as many people or bots as possible, but they have to be active. To decide the winner, we will be checking invited users activity including their amount of received GOLD, reputation, number of posts and so on. That will be calculated using a special "efficiency" coefficient made by our programmer. This is a needed condition to avoid "fake" users and fraud. 

You can check a current rating ("effeciency" level is not included) of invited people here: . For example you can see a user with 33/55 rating - this means that he or she invited 33 users and made a total number of 55 referals (people used his private link). To make it all simple - the very first number is the most important (in our example it's 33 invited users) .

Good luck to everyone!

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