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Denmark Malthe "Biver" Winther is a unique player: he picks only supports and still manages to increase his MMR! As per moment the support of International Natus Vincere G2A holds 12th place in top 200 MMR of the European region. We'll tell which heroes our player picks for his matchmaking games. The first on our list is the Keeper of the Light.


During the past 3 months Denmark Biver has played on a hero 22 times (the current win rate is 59.09 %). On the pro scene, Malthe picked Ezalor in 8 matches and the team won 5 of them. In other words, the hero is very effective if you know how to play on him.


Denmark Malthe "Biver" Winther comments the game on the hero:


"I think when playing Keeper of the Light, you should think about applying pressure to the enemy and the best way to do that on KotL is to push the lanes. Stay hidden in the forest and keep spamming your nuke and then you can go to your team, or you can go farm jungle depending on the situation. Don't forget that you are still a support, so keep buying and placing wards and help out your team!


When you get your Aghanim's Scepter, you are very powerful in team fights. In daytime with Aghanim's, make sure to let your team know that you are healing them."


On the battlefield


Most often Denmark Biver picks Keeper of the Light as a support on 5 position, less often — on 4. In other words, he's responsible for buying wards, creep pulling or stacking, as well as the support of core heroes by means of additional mana from Chakra Magic. The hero is good not only in the early stage but also in the mid and late game. The integral part of the hero is in his ability Illuminate, which enables to farm in the jungle or push away the lanes from the creeps and enemy's summons.


The skill deals enormous damage, but it requires patience, since it has channel time. The damage on the target will depend on the duration of the cast. Anyway, while hitting jungle creeps is an easy feat, things are pretty different when it comes to aiming the heroes. Your rival will definitely know that this ability requires time and will be dodging. That's why when playing Keeper of the Light you need patience, experience and a bit of luck. 


As concerns 5vs5 fights, Keeper of the Light is best behind the backs of his teammates, since one of his main goals in the battle is a successful cast of Illuminate that will deal maximum area damage. Furthermore, the remaining abilities will make significant contribution and the participation of the hero would be increased: you can cast Mana Leak on an enemy hero from afar, while Chakra Magic will give the mana to an ally and Blinding Light also has a large cast range.


Great example of a battle going completely wrong


Keep in mind that Blinding Light requires careful approach. Though it is very useful (providing 80 percent chance of the enemy missing), it also has its dark side for the Keeper of the Light.  For example if you have EnigmaFaceless Void or Magnus in the team, using Blinding Light at the wrong time might result in the situation when all the enemies won't be pulled in one place with an ally's Ultimate, but will be blasted in different diractions. This will make your allies very unhappy.


Strengths and weakenesses

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  • High movement speed (335). This is one of the strongest advantages of the hero. Keeper of the Light hits top 4 of the fastest heroes in Dota 2 along with Luna and Pugna, next to Enchantress (340).


  • Farm abilites. Let's agree that not every hero enjoys an AoE skill. In this case, the skill is possessed by a support, who can buy not only support's items of ward level, but also some more serious items when necessary.


  • The effectiveness on any stage of the game. As the game approaches the lategame the hero doesn't turn into the "feed" for the rival. Instead he's capable of being useful hero. Furthermore, the purchase of just the Aghanim's Scepter makes the contribution of Ezalor bigger.


  • Mana. Almost endless quantity of mana for both the hero and his allies. This makes reasonable to combine Keeper of the Light with any hero with powerful nukes.


  • Vision range. This is one of the key advantages of the hero. At the moment his vision range is as wide as 1800 points, which is very useful for the team.




  • Incredibly low health. Alas, speed and utility should be compensated. By level 25 Keeper of the Light has only 1340 hp without items. He has the smallest base strength just like Medusa.
  • Complexity. Not being the hardest hero in the game, he can only be useful if his player knows what he or she is doing in a particular situation. So, having played just a couple of games, you won't likely become the useful Keeper of the Light that Denmark Biver demonstrates.
  • Sacrifice. This is rather a problem of unprofessional matches. It often happens so, that you can't help but farm the whole lane of enemy creeps with Illuminate. However, you need to remember that you are a support. So you key task is to give all the creeps to your carry. So be ready to make sacrifices.


Skill build


As concerns the skill build, Malthe almost always opts for upgrading Illuminate the first hand. This will enable him to harass the enemy or farm in the woods the necessary items and experience. Than he focuses on Chakra Magic, which provides mana to the hero and his allies. Ultimate isn't always picked on level 6. It often depends on the in-game situation. Mana Leak is the last, Denmark Biver preferring to emphasize on the skills of his teammates as well as his own.


It's remarkable that he chooses tree of talents almost in the very end, since the abilities are considered to be more useful. It's hard to object to his choice, as the good talent can only be obtained on level 25. Most supports won't get there. Denmark Biver doesn't have a consistent set of talents. He makes his choice depending on the situation. One thing is for sure: he neve picks +20% to experience, as he already has all the necessary abilites.


Abilities of Keeper of the Light


  •  Illuminate. Channels light energy, building power the longer it's channeled. Once released, a wave is sent forth that deals damage and gives vision in its path. The longer it is channeled, the more damage is dealt. Improved by Aghanim's Scepter.


  •  Mana Leak. Weakens an enemy's magical essence, causing them to lose mana as they move. If the enemy loses all of its mana, it will be stunned.


  •  Chakra Magic. Restores mana to the target unit, increases its mana capacity, and reduces the cooldown of the next spell they cast.


  •  Recall. After a short delay, teleports the targeted friendly hero to your location. If the targeted friendly hero takes player based damage during this time, the ability is interrupted.


  •  Blinding Light. A blinding light flashes over the targeted area, knocking back and blinding the units in the area, causing them to miss attacks.


  •  Spirit Form. Ezalor temporarily turns his body luminescent, gaining various abilities. Illuminate is now channeled by a separate spirit, and gains the Blinding Light and Recall abilities. Improved by Aghanim's Scepter.




The item choice isn't versatile. The basic are Tranquil Boots and Aghanim's Scepter: the former enables Keeper of the Light to obtain bonus movement speed and health regeneration, the latter makes the hero very useful by providing the endless ultimate. The ultimate increases the vision range during day and provides two additional abilities: Recall and Blinding Light./ It also heals allies while using Illuminate.


After the purchase of these two items, Keeper of the Light achieves his maximum level of efficiency as a support. The remaining items are rather a pleasant bonus. Ezalor can assemble Force Staff to save himself or help his teammates to escape. Scythe of Vyse will enable him to hex enemy's carry or any other hero. Guardian Greaves restores health of the teammates and provides mana.


Illuminate is the hero's key ability


There are so many options here! It could be Veil of Discord, Necronomicon (for massive push if a team has big magic damage output), Heaven's Halberd (rather fantastical, but still effective option that won't let the enemies hit). In other words, you need to judge based on the in-game situation.


Well, with all these items and gold, you shouldn't forget that Keeper of the Light is a support. So pay more attention to wards, Dust of Appearance (if your enemy has heroes with invisibility), Smoke of Deceit for effective gank and Gem of True Sight rather than other items. These small artifacts are the key to a successful play on support. Now imagine how hard it is for Denmark Biver, who plays on this position.



Summing up we'd like to say: don't overlook and don't be afraid of such an important role of support! There are few players who are effective on this type of heroes. In his turn, Denmark Malthe "Biver" Winther will demonstrate how to act in particular situation while achieving 9.000 MMR! Support International Natus Vincere#gonavi

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