Kuroky i-view: Na’Vi fighting with heart

Hello Ky Kiske! First of all let me welcome you in the team once again! You have played 7 matches in Na`Vi so far. What can you say about the new lineup and how do you personally feel playing in the team?

Hi, can’t say much about the new lineup yet, we are in the process getting used to each other. Overall I feel good, but we still have lots of training to do.
Many people ask how you feel playing in a “Russian” team, especially given your unsuccessful experience in Virtus.Pro. Do you have any communication issues and how do you solve them?
It’s irritating at times, but seems like I get more comfortable with time, hope this story will turn out differently.
Have someone taught you some new Russian words yet? :)
Da, cherepaha, ia igrat DotA2! (Yes, turtle, im play Dota2!)
As far as we know, you have a real life job. How do you plan to fit it into your professional gaming career given your practice process, all the travels and LAN tournaments attendance?
Right now, I concentrate on Dota 2 mainly, so I have a lot of time. After International 3 I will decide how to continue.
Probably the most discussed topic in e-Sport is motivation. So not to skip the trend, what can you tell us about your own motivation? Have you ever had motivation problems and if so, what did you to to manage the issue?
Find yourself a little bit more and realize what you want from life.
For the longest time the German scene was probably considered the scene with the most roster shifts and controversial things ever + lack of motivation in the players etc. It has gotten better with mouz but what do you think was/is the reason for that? Especially if you take into consideration the fact that German people are considered one of the hardest disciplined people.
German scene is not that unstable, just the same players creating new teamnames all the time. It’s a young mind that leads these scenarios, people want instant gratification. Virtue of discipline belongs to the wise and successful.
Do you think it is hard to keep up the good spirit of a team, while waiting for TI3? If so, who should be responsible for managing psychological state of the team? 
Everyone has to watch out for himself and everyone has to watch out for each other, otherwise doom awaits.
Being a teamleader for mousesports and a friend of Puppey,do you participate in team picks or is it still solely Clement’s prerogative?
We try to create ideas together, but Clement finalizes hero picks.
Can you please tell us about your friendship with Clement, how did you get to know each other, what does playing together once again mean for you?
We know each other for some years and are still involved in gaming, naturally we grew as friends. I am glad to be able to play with him again, it’s fun.
You're known and you've played as a hardcarry/solo mid player for the longest time, do you feel comfortable on support and don't you think sooner or later you will want to get back to your roots (playing role 1 or 2)? 
I don’t mind, I enjoy the game so far.
In one of his recent blogs Virtus.Pro’s leader NS expressed his thought about current Dota 2 metagame in terms of hero picks and bans. According to him, heroes’ combos and item builds become popular seasonally according to certain trends. I.e. someone started to use Shadow Blade on Furion and now everybody follow this build. Do you agree with his idea?
Trends have always been present, it’s natural given the complexity of Dota 2.
If so, who invents such trends?
Any successful player/team.
Lately we have seen Na`Vi running Rubick + KotL combo. Can you elaborate a bit on this strategy? Who invented it?
It’s 2 very strong support heroes, nothing special about it.
- What are yours and Na`Vi's plans for China? Have you already found training partners, because in different games teams and players struggle with finding training partners when they visit the 'Mekka' of the game they're playing, for example StarCraft in Korea, Dota 2 in China, etc.
Secret for now, time will tell.
What if certain organizations simply do not want their squads to train with Na`Vi so they won't reveal any of their strategies? For example if LGD do not want their teams to train with Na`Vi. Chinese teams are kind of divided by 2 - The VERY TOP teams are miles ahead of the lesser teams, how are you going to deal with that problem if it arises, have you though about it?
I will go out and enjoy every Chinese food available then. Nothing better to do.
What do you think about other MOBA games like HoN and LoL. Have you ever played them? Could you imagine yourself being a professional League of Legends player?
I played them a bit, but I prefer Dota 2.
Except playing Dota 2, what else do you enjoy in your life? What else makes your eyes bright and lights fire inside your heart? 
Friends, family and girlfriend eat my time besides Dota 2.
When will you stream? We all are looking forward to it!
Anything else you would like to add to the interview / no need to thank sponsors and all that crap, but you still can mention your social networks, friends, fans and everything you think we lack  /
Thanks for everyone’s support. Na’Vi fighting with heart!
P.S. Later today we will publish our new DotA2 movie. Starring Kuroky.
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