The launch of YouTube Gaming


26 August Google corporation officially launched YouTube Gaming, which is to become the main competitor of the live broadcast platform Twitch. YouTube Gaming is a powerful unit, containing as much as 25+ k gaming pages (each game has its own page), which substantially facilitate the search of respective content. It is suggested that YouTube Gaming will solve the problem, when it is not possible to find a video posted on the platform. The service will organize all the videos, available on the service and related to the games.



Google announced YouTube Gaming in June 2015. The company's representatives said that will simplify the instrument for organizing live streams. The streamers won't have to point the exact time of the beginning. Furthermore, one link will be used for all the streams of a particular user. The announcement of YouTube Gaming was welcomed by Twitch in a trolling manner:

Frankly speaking, Google+ was the second thing many of us thought about, the first one being: "Wow! That's Google, they'd never invest in a failure project".
You can use the service on its official website Otherwise you can download the app for mobile devices with iOS or Android. The service enables to live stream the walkthrough of a game and comment it.
The main page welcomes visitors with banner rotator featuring the most popular game channels:
There's a slide out menu, containing information about trending games. You can add favorite games to My games in order to obtain information about them:
Scroll down to see the section with the most popular games:
Add your favorite channels and see the list of the featured channels in the right slide out menu.

Click on the icon of the game to get on its "own" web-page, containing information about the game, all the current live broadcasts and records of the past streams (e.g. Dota 2):



There's a chat on the web page of the stream. You can also read the details and suggested videos by clicking on respective buttons above the chat.



Some users faced the problems with the access to the service. They report the error, which prevent them to going to the main page of the service:



The platform aspires to become a full-scale competitor of Twitch.TV. We think it has capabilities to achieving this ambitious goal. For example, YouTube has announced the possibility to work in DVR Mode (Twitch.TV doesn't have one). It will enable the viewers to replay the previous 4 hours of the stream, which are stored in data buffer. Furthermore, all the streams are automatically stored on YouTube, which is great, since the records are erased in 2 weeks at Twitch, which doesn't have such huge storage.


Will YouTube Gaming become as popular as Twitch.TV? Will it overcome the pioneer of eSports streams? Will the players choose usability? Or will they stick to their traditions? Anyway, competition is great for the industry and for the users, as it always fosters innovation. This is not the first attempt to put down Twitch.TV, none of which was successful.

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