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The meta is constantly changing. The former leaders of the ratings frop down the popularity ladder, replaced by the more effective ones. The patch 7.01 has already outlined the favorites, acknowledged both on pro scene and pub matches.Today we'll tell you about the latest trends in matchmaking. Who are the most successful heroes in pub games and why?


Necrophos Necrophos


Necrophos Necrophos didn't enjoy the popularity until recently. He wasn't a frequent pick neither on pro scene, nor in pub matches. Rarely did we see him as a support or a core hero. However, the game-changing 7.00 brought in the new rules and the fans gave Necrophos Necrophos a second look. The hero gained effective talents and his abilities were reworked. Now we see a brand new Necrophos Necrophos with an impressive 57 % winrate.


His battle potential is big and he's most often picked as a carry or a midlaner. Ghost Shroud abilitiy protects the hero and enhanсes health and mana regeneration. His 15 level talent increases all his stats by 6. These make Necrophos Necrophos less vulnerable and more viable in critical situations. Other bonuses of the talent tree grant him larger damage output: +40 damage on level 10, +5% spell amplification on 20, and -1s to Death Pulse cooldown on the last level.



There's no single opinion on the best hero's item build, though. Most players prefer Aghanim's Scepter, since the maxed Reaper's Scythe's cooldown is only 25 seconds with the item. Another popular acquisition is Blink Dagger to help the player engage in a teamfight ASAP or even initiate one themselves. Other items include Rod of Atos, Shiva's GuardScythe of Vyse and Dagon. The new support of our team Germany rmN- bought Veil of Discord,  Radiance and Octarine Core for Necrophos Necrophos in a couple of pub matches, earning many MMR points.




When first introduced,  Underlord enjoyed great popularity, which soon vanished, as the trials proved he wasn't useful. Now the hero is back in the spotlight! Experienced pro players noticed the great potential in him as a hero in the offlane. They must've been waiting for quite a while to see  Underlord in Captain's Mode.



We think  Underlord fits the offlane with his 55,70 % winrate. He's got an ability that deals a fair bit of damage, a 395 AoE disable, as well as a very valuable passive that reduces 40% of damage when maxed out. His ultimate is one more basis of his popularity as an offlaner. The collective movements with Dark Rift increase the team's mobility and provide new opportunities for unexpected ganks, splitpushing and timely return to the base for defense. There are even more options, depending on the team composition.


The popular hero talents are +4 armor (10 level), +200 health (15level), +50 Health Regen (25 level). Our players spotted  Underlord too, for the reasons already mentioned.. They're now testing the hero in pro matches. Previously Sweden PajkattGermany rmN- and Ukraine GeneRaL tried him in matchmaking. International Natus Vincere players think that the item build consisting of Guardian GreavesPipe of InsightCrimson Guard and Blade Mail is the best.



Treant Protector Treant Protector


This hero is one of the pub's favorites. However, he hasn't acquired the same popularity on the pro scene. Treant Protector Treant Protector's winrate is more that 54 %, and the hero wins 55,8% of games in 5 000+ bracket. Valve did some magic with the tree giant and changed his first abilitiy in 7.00. As concerns the talents, Treant Protector Treant Protector's most interesting bonus is gained on level 15: +90 gold per minute. It enables to buy the Treant Protector Treant Protector's key item, Aghanim's Scepter, faster, as well as to stay effective in late game. The 15% cooldown reduction on level 20 gives a hero opportunity to use the ultimate more frequently in teamfights.



The goal no 1 for any Treant Protector Treant Protector is Aghanim's Scepter, but it's not the only item the hero needs. You'll also have to acquire Octarine Core and Refresher Orb. Blink Dagger will be a great addition too. There are other build options, though as some players opt to buy classical support's items: Force StaffSolar CrestLotus Orb or Vladmir's Offering instead of the Scepter.


Currently Necrophos NecrophosTreant Protector Treant Protector and  Underlord seem very perspective heroes and we recommend you to pay attention to them. Good luck in your games!

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