League of Explorers - it's adventure time!


BlizzCon is the time, when Blizzard makes loud announcements of various additions to much pleasure of its fans. A new Hearthstone adventure, the third one named League of Explorers, was presented at BlizzCon. Next week it will be introduced in the game client.

Dare face the dangers of a true adventures: evil bosses, smart traps and mysteries of the past! You will be rewarded with new cards to enrich your collections and help encounter the rivals in ladder battles. The expedition will be headed by one of the greatest explorers of Azeroth - Brann Bronzebeard. The fans of World of Warcraft met him while he was solving the mysteries of Ulduar and later in Uldum. 


Don't waste your time! Join the explorers on the adventure of your life! It's time to explore.




  • 4 wings filled with danger.
  • New cards, including the legendary ones.
  • Class challenges.
  • New game boards.
  • New keyword: Discover!.


Discover is an opportunity to dig up a couple of cards and choose the most suitable one. 

For more details go to the game's official website.



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