DotA 2 Champions League

Batman and Robin, Dendi and Pudge, Brad and Angelina, mouse and mouse pad, XBOCT and Lifestealer, Procter and Gamble. Some were just created for each other. Today we will add another pair to the list, related to eSports.


Natus Vincere and coordinate together announce a bear born to conquer, their own first cooperative project – DotA2 Champions League. Ten best teams from Russia, Europe and the USA, four commentators, 26 unbelievable matches and a guaranteed prize pool of $50 000, plus 25% of the total DotATV ticket sales.


Natus Vincere’s CEO – Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskyy:


“Our main goal will be making an online league, with a new level of quality. We believe that players and teams need to receive additional bonuses for participating in such projects, which will stimulate them to play on 200%. We are using Valve’s technique as well, and we are sure that crowdfunding should become a part of any big tournament.”


Comment from’s CEO – Anton "Sneg1" Cherepennikov:


“All the workers of our project, starting with the management, play DotA and really like the game. When we planned the league, our main goal was making a quality product for both viewers and participants.


Cooperated work by people from competing organization gives us more responsibility, which will be a good motivation to reach the goal. The league will be an example as well, proving the benefits from cooperated work of eSports clubs and, I hope so, in the future will serve as an additional argument in favor of creating full-scale clubs federations, about necessity of which we are talking for such a long time.”


You weren’t invited to the tournament? Don’t worry; we took care of the viewers. We got a special program for them, including giveaways in the stream, interviews with the players of each match, reviews of the most interesting games, weekly rating, detailed statistics of each player and much more, which won’t let you stay unimpressed.


Tournament details:

  • Organizers: Natus Vincere &
  • Guaranteed prize pool: $50 000 ($25 000, $15 000, $7 000, $3 000)
  • Additional prize pool: 25% from DotATV ticket sales.
  • Dates: 16.10 – 10.12
  • First stage: two group, 5 teams each (best of 3, 1 map = 1 point)
  • Second stage: tiebreakers between teams that took the 2nd and 3rd places (best of 3)
  • Third stage: play-offs (best of 5)


Participants, early schedule and other details will be announced in early October. Want to keep up with the latest news? Then bookmark the website and join the social media:

For all questions that are related to the leauge you can contact the head administrator - Kiril "Gurkie" Ovsanikov: gurkie [at]
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