Na`Vi CS:GO line-up changes


Na`Vi.CS:GO squad hasn't changed since December 2013. We believed in the efficiency of the team and the result, which would be implemented in both achievements and creation of ideals to be followed by the community. Unfortunately, not all the ideas could be implemented and the result, craved both by us and by the fans, hasn't been achieved. That's why it's time to search for an option that would fit everyone. We have to inform you that one of the players leaves the squad.


This player is the one of the pioneers of our organization. His name will always be shining in the hall of fame of Natus Vincere. UkraineSergey "starix" Ischuk leaves the team line-up. However, he doesn't abandon his work with the team. He'll be performing a new role of the team's manager and coach.


A new player, who has already demonstrated bright performance is invited to the team for stand-in position. It is Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasiliev. 


Natus Vincere CS:GO Squad

UkraineDaniil "Zeus" Teslenko

UkraineIoann "Edward" Suharev

Russian FederationDenis "Seized" Kostin

SlovakiaLadislav "GuardiaN" Kovac

Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasiliev (stand-in)


UkraineSergey "starix" Ischuk - team's manager and coach.


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