LoL: Preseason’s Goals


The League of Legends dev team released their experimental “State of the Season” blog with the purpose to update us on the state of the game, problems and ideas for the future. This first blog is about the preseason, the space of time in which they experiment a greater variety of changes in the game, long-term improvements that will affect the overall gameplay - for this own reason ranked games take a break in this period. Due to the changes brought by 5.23 and 5.24 the game pacing changed - now it is slightly easier for a team to come back and the overall game duration decreased by about 7%.
They want to make more popular the Rift Herald, which now is ignored by most champions due to his excessive cost (in terms of health lost). Killing this powerful neutral grants the Doom’s Eve buff, which increases the unit damage by 10%, the movement speed by 40%, improves the Recall by reducing the channel time by 4 seconds, restores 50% of the champion’s maximum health on a successful recall and increase the movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds; it also grants an aura to enhance nearby minions. The same goal is shared for the Dragon, which could become more appealing by increasing the buffs of the second stack of Dragon Slayer - currently it add 15% damage against towers and buildings.
Keystones will be rebalanced and new ones will be introduced. At the current time some feel just too strong while others are almost completely ignored - the final goal is to provide more choice to the players. Overall, marksman champions and items are considered satisfactory, they only plan to improve Zeal items and the Cull, which is very weak in the current state. AP junglers will be buffed and probably this will also force some stats changes for the jungle monsters. The vision system will require a small rework; as for now it appears that the blue trinket is too strong while the yellow one isn’t suited at all for mid and late game.
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