LightOfHeaven gets married


Close all the websites with bets on matches, put away the schedules of the games, turn out the streams. The news we are about to tell you is far from these things. Today we congratulate the former player of our Dota2 squad, currently working as a streamer - Dmitry "LightOfHeaven" Kuprianov on a very special day of his life: his wedding!


On behalf of the organization Natus Vincere we wish much happiness, love and mutual understanding to the just married couple. Family is of primary importance. It can augment the happiness of success in any other sphere of activities, ease the bitterness of the most insulting defeats, and what is most important be the endless source of inspiration.



We are now witnessing the period of eSports' growing up. Former adolescents, who would come from all around the country to a tournament, get married and build their families, earn their first millions and develop a bright career in the industry, which society used look down as a "child's toy".

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#1 ca ermidri 17 December 2014, 22:58
Congratulations on your marriage
May you have a wonderful life.
You‘ve started this day as two best friends
And ended it is a man and his wife!
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#2 hr Kooratz 17 December 2014, 23:30
GL HF ;-)
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#3 ro BadBoyKilla 18 December 2014, 00:30
congratulations to the original international winner
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