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DreamHack Cluj-Napoca, the release of a new map and the update of the ranking - the past week was indeed exciting. Read more details of CS:GO world's main news below!


Natus Vincere fought for gold at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca


This year's last Major is surely the main news of the past week. We witnessed the fifteen day marathon of the battles between 16 best teams. This tournament was special for all the fans of our CS:GO squad, since for the first time in the history, which includes 7 majors, not only have the Born to Win  got to the grand final of the event, but they also had chance to raise the cup above their heads.


In the final Ukraine Natus Vincere encountered the team, which have defeated our team many times at majors, — FranceEnVyUs. The fight was great, especially on the first map — de_train. The game among the trains could've been very different, but our players lacked just a little. The game ended with 16:14 score.


                          One of the most tense matches of the tournament — Na`Vi vs. EnVyUs @ de_train                       


Our rival picked the second map — de_cobblestone, at which they dominated. Our players didn't give up, but the inspired French were unsurpassable. If our players had won the first map, the situation might've been completely different, especially in the final clash at de_dust2. By the way, France Nathan "NBK" Schmitt said in an interview, that the team hadn't wanted to encounter Na`Vi on the third map.


The winners of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca, world's top1 team (hltv.org) — EnVyUs


Prize pool


top 1 place - 100 000$ — France EnVyUs

top 2 place - 50 000$ — Ukraine Natus Vincere

top 3 top 4 место - 22 000$ — InternationalG2, SwedenNiP

top 5-8 place - 10 000$ — Sweden fnatic, PolandVirtus.pro, DenmarkTSM, Brazil Luminosity

top 9-16 place - 2 000$ — PolandVexed, UkraineFlipSid3 Tactics, United StatesTeam Liquid, Denmarkdignitas, United States Cloud9, Germanymousesports, FranceTitan, United StatesCLG


Links:  Videos of the tournament // Tournament's photos // Ioann "Edward" Suharev's story // Interview with Starix // Coverage


The update of CS:GO teams ranking


The analysts of hltv.org were working hard last week. It resulted in an update of the stats of 20 best teams of the planet. The results of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca influenced the stats the most substantially. Compared to the ranking of the previous match, the substantial changes were made in the whole table. One team left the list and was replaced with another team.


Ranking of CS:GO teams as of 3 November 2015
# Team
1 France EnVyUs
2 Denmark Team SoloMid
3 Sweden fnatic
4 Poland Virtus.pro
5 Ukraine Natus Vincere
6 Sweden NiP
7 International G2
8 United States Cloud9
9 Brazil Luminosity
10 United States CLG
11 France Titan
12 Denmarkdignitas
13 Germanymousesports
14 United States Liquid
15 UkraineFlipSid3
16 Bulgaria E-frag.net
17 Australia Renegades
18 Poland Vexed
19 Poland CSGL
20 AustraliaImmunity


As we see Ukraine Natus Vincere due to second place at DreamHack have acquired many points, though remained in the fifth line. However, our players have substantial strengthen their positions in the ranking and made one step forward top4. Note that the all the types of matches are taken into account in the stats, but the results at LAN tournaments are of greater importance. 


World's top 5


The most successful team at LANs for the past 2 months is France EnVyUs, which won DreamHack Open London, Gfinity Champions and DreamHack Cluj-Napoca. The most successful increase in ranking is made by Brazil Luminosity, which left the 12th place and got straight to the 9th line. Ukraine HellRaisers left top 20 to be replaced by Australia Immunity.


The release of a new map by the creator of de_cache and de_season


A prominent designer Shawn "FMPONE" Snelling recently presented his new work — de_santorini. The work was inspired by a Greek island of Santorini located in Aegean Sea. Such map was in Counter-Strike 1.6, but it wasn't considered competitive.




Will this map be used in competitions?


The new map is very light, which is considered by many players as its biggest advantage. The colors of the buildings don't enable the heroes to fuse with environment. Though the scheme might seem a bit confusing at first sight, it is very easy to get use to it.


Three corridors and two bombsites — it's easy


Meanwhile, Valve is selecting the maps for the upcoming operation. Submissions will be accepted until 9 November, and there is no doubt that colorful de_santorini will win its deserved chance to shine. You can download the map here. 


The groups of CEVO S8 LAN finals


The finals of the prestigious CEVO Professional Season 8 LAN-final will be held this weekend. Ukraine Natus Vincere got to one team with FranceTitanBrazil Luminosity and Germany mousesports. The group is the hard one, but hopefully it will inspire our players to win. The final stage of the previous season was particularly interesting for our fans, as our players fought against Poland Virtus.pro in the finals. Unfortunately, the Born to Win were defeated by the Polish five, but they're ready to compete over the title again!


Group B
# Team G V L D S
1. Ukraine NATUS VINCERE 0 0 0 0 0
2. France TITAN 0 0 0 0 0
3.  Germany MOUSESPORTS 0 0 0 0 0
4. Brazil LUMINOSITY GAMING 0 0 0 0 0
Group А
# Team G V L D S
1. Poland VIRTUS.PRO 0 0 0 0 0
2. United States TEAM LIQUID 0 0 0 0 0
3.  United States  CONQUEST 0 0 0 0 0
4. Denmark DIGNITAS 0 0 0 0



List of tournament's participants 


  • Ukraine Natus Vincere: Zeus, Edward, flamie, GuardiaN, seized
  • Poland Virtus.pro: Taz, pasha, neo, Snax, byali
  • France Titan: SmithZz, Rpk, Ex6TenZ, ScreaM, shox
  • Germany mousesports: NiKo, chrisJ, nex, denis, gob b
  • United States Team Liquid: adreN-, FugLy, nitr0, EliGE-, Hiko
  • Denmark dignitas: kjaerbye, MSL, Pimp, tenzki, aizy
  • Canada Conquest: ShahZaM, daps, RUSH, NAF-FLY, stanislaw
  • Brazil Luminosity: FalleN, fer, steel, boltz, coldzera


*   *   *  


These were the news of the competitive CS:GO in late October — early November. We hope the next week will bring even more exciting events, including those related to Natus Vincere!


The sources are hltv.org and csgo.com                                                

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