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Despite winter holidays, we've got many CS:GO news to share in the first news digest of 2016. Read about Na`Vi achievements, new policy of Valve, game update, the plans of the largest tournament organizers for 2016 and the American dream of Ukrainian player. Learn more about CS:GO with us!


Ukraine Natus Vincere hit the world's top 3 best CS:GO teams of the past season


A couple of days ago Global Team Ranking for CS:GO by hltv.org was updated. The tournaments of December 2015 have been taken into account. The month was rather quiet, with only two grand tournaments (Fragbite Masters Season 5 finals and ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2 finals) and three minor events (ESL Meisterschaft Winter, Northern Arena, ESL Nordic Nationals). Due to the outstanding performance at the final part of ESL ESEA second season, Ukraine Natus Vincere team made the most significant leap of the month rising by two lines in the ranking. As of now, the team hits top 3 of the world ranking in 2015.


One of best CS:GO teams of the world
As a reminder, the ranking takes into account both online tournaments and LAN competitions. The scores gained every month are summed during the year. The quantity of medals and titles won, the shape of the team and the results at LAN-tournaments are taken into account. LANs, in which top teams participate, have major priority. Our team took top places at 19 tournaments over the year. The total prize money won was over $ 330 000.

Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasiliev is in top 20 world's best players

Htlv.org created another CS:GO ranking of 2015's best pro players. Each evening the website posts an article about a player considered the most dangerous on CS:GO scene. On 7 January the ranking was updated, one of the Born to Win appearing on it. Egor "flamie" Vasiliev hit 14th line of the ranking.  Egor got to such ranking for the first time.
The player managed to morph from a perspective "young blood" into a stable and imperturbable professional. It was flamie, who became the necessary detail, necessary for the mechanism of our CS:GO squad to excel in performance in the past season. As concerns individual achievements of flamie, he's got second highest stats in won clutch rounds: with 68 victories. Moreover, he was useful to the team in 67,3% of rounds with a kill, assist or surviving. 

Indidvidual stats of Russian FederationEgor "flamie" Vasiliev



The ranking is based on the performance of the players at large LAN-tournaments of 2015. The main statistical parameter is the contribution of a player to the team's success at a tournament. The individual indicator of efficiency in won/lost round, the quality of performance in important matches, the victories in clutches as well as the ability to make the first frag in a round were taken into account. There's no doubt at least one more player of Ukraine Natus Vincere will join the ranking.

Tough policy by Valve


Valve won't reconsider the 2015's bans of players, who were caught in cheating. According to the recent post all pro players, which were engaged in betting fraud, will be banned from tournaments, held by the company. This means that at least eleven players will have to give up eSports career forever.




 The players' reaction was mostly negative. Some of them pointed out that there were players who had been spotted in cheating at LANs in the past. After having been banned for some period of time they had returned to professional scene and were playing as if nothing had happened. One of the banned players France Joye "fxy0" Schlosser (ex-Epsilon) wrote about it in his announcement on hltv.org. 


Four ruined careers on one photo (iBUYPOWER, photo from hltv.org)

Full list of banned players: 

United States Sam "DaZeD" Marine (iBUYPOWER)
United States Braxton "swag" Pierce (iBUYPOWER)
Canada Joshua "steel" Nissan (iBUYPOWER)
Canada Keven "AZK" Lariviere (iBUYPOWER)
United States Derek "dboorN" Boorn (iBUYPOWER)
France Joye "fxy0" Schlosser (Epsilon)
France Robin "GMX" Stahmer (Epsilon)
France Kévin "Uzzziii" Vernel (Epsilon)
United States Madour "B1GGY" Morgan (Epsilon)
United States Duc "cud" Pham (Lunatik)
United States Casey Foster (NetcodeGuides)


Most likely, other organization will also ban these players from their events. That is to say a player ends career if he is proven to be involved in match fixing scandal. The same anti-cheating actions will take place in other Valve's title — Dota 2.


CS:GO update


Valve released a new patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The visuals of the first-person arm, hand, and glove models were upgraded to become more realistic. This part of game is most often seen by all the users. From now on the glows have improved HD-textures. Now a player can see all the stitches and the pattern of fabric. 


Are they preparing the release of glove skins?


Apart from the gloves, some other changes have been introduced. Mostly these are the fixes of the bugs, which were reported over 6 month ago (Linux). The developers also fixed problems related to the Killer Replay and fixed sound bugs. Additionally, Indian servers, which faced a number of problems, now work stably. Also a support has been introduced to broadcast Regional Minor Championships. 

See full list of changes


Tournament plans for ESL and DreamHack


Two large organizers of eSports events shared their plans for 2016. We have Previously we wrote about the upcoming ESL and DreamHack events. Now it's time to outline the route of the tournaments this season. Similarly to 2015, there will be five large ESL events to determine the champions in 4 disciplines: Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

Intel Extreme Masters Taipei  


IEM Taipei will be the first ESL tournament, held on 29 January - 2 February. The prize pool of the event is $ 75 000, shared between the professional of Dota 2 and StarCraft II: LotV. As a reminder, the LAN-final of Minor CS:GO championship will also be held in Taipei. Eight best teams of Southeast Asia and Australia will take part in this event with $ 50 000 prize pool and two slots in LAN-qualifiers of MLG Columbus 2016 at stake. 


Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice


Polish town Katowice will welcome the second ESL event. Spodek Arena will become a battlefield for the strongest CS:GO and League of Legends teams on 4-6 March. The organizers promise substantial prize pool as well as the establish trophy of Intel Extreme Masters.



Will Katowice event break its previous records?


ESL One Manila 


Next is the trio of tournaments each having similar prize pool of $ 250 000. One of the main events of the Spring is ESL One Manila, held exclusively for Dota 2. On 24-25 April, the capital city of The Philippines will become an epicenter of the combat between the first tier teams. The tournament is of significant importance, since it provides an opportunity to demonstrate the power of the team just before TI invites are sent.


ESL One Frankfurt 


Commerzbank Arena got used to Dota 2 battles. For the third time, eight best Dota 2 teams will gather in Frankfurt to fight over a large prize pool and determine the most powerful line-up. On 18-19 June, Dota 2 fans will be watching the eternal fight of the Dire and the Radiant on the biggest screen in the history of eSports (500+ sq.m). Furthermore the organizers will arrange many exciting entertainments to the visitors of the event: tattoo-sessions, official Secret Shop, cosplay contest and much more.


ESL One Cologne 


ESL One Cologne will be ESL's final event of 2016. On 8-10 July we'll be watching the battle of the most powerful shooters, held in German city of Cologne. The event will have prize pool of $ 250 000. The event will be one of the most grandiose Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments of the year. The previous ESL championship held on 20-23 August 2015 in Cologne broke several records, which remain unachievable up till now. The Major gathered over 27 millions of unique viewers, with 1,3 millions of simultaneous viewers! 



Swedish organizers of the world's largest eSports festival have announced that they will organize 2 championships with $ 250 000 prize pool in 2016. The series of tournaments is named DreamHack Masters, the first event to be held in the city of Malmö, economical and cultural centre of Southern Sweden. 


Malmö will turn into eSports epicenter for a couple of days


Sixteen first tier CS:GO teams will fight over a quarter of a million dollars between 12 and 17 April. There will be two stages, the first one played at DreamHack studio in Stockholm. The second one will be held at the prominent Malmö Arena with 15 500 capacity!
The organizers said that eight teams will get direct invites to the tournament. The other slots will be won at online qualifiers. The details of the tournament will be revealed later. As a reminder, DreamHack's planned prize pool for 2016 is $ 1 000 000, most of it is reserved for DH Masters. We hope that Ukraine Natus Vincere will bring the first place and the prize money form such championship this eSports year!

United States  Liquid signs contract with Ukraine Alexander "s1mple" Kostyliov 


Ukrainian talent will continue his eSports careen in the US. He'll become the fifth player of United States Liquid, which has been forming its new line-up for about a month now. Before inviting Ukraine s1mple, North American team invited former sniper of Sweden NiP — Finland Aleksi "allu" Jalli, who eventually refused to move to North America.

Alexander will soon move to the US (phot from hltv.org)


After two months break Alexander joins large organization again. Such transfer is very much alike the traditional sports with its multinational teams and transborder transfers. There's no doubt that many American teams will begin inviting players from Europe. Kostyliov is one of the first. He'll soon be able to participate in ESL events, as his ban finishes on 1 February.

Current line-up of United States Team Liquid:

United States Spencer "Hiko" Martin
United States Nick "nitr0" Cannella
United States Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski
United States Eric “adreN” Hoag (c)
Ukraine Alexander "s1mple" Kostyliov 
*   *   *
That was the first week of January 2016 in CS:GO world. We hope that the upcoming weeks will be even more exciting especially for Natus Vincere! Stay with us!

Sources: hltv.org, wiki.teamliquid.netreddit.com


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