CS:GO news weekly #4


Our weekly digest of the most thrilling CS:GO news is ready for you to be read! You will find the information about the brilliant results of the UkraineNatus Vincere CS:GO squad, adjustments to the hltv.org ranking and the details of upcoming and past tournaments. Let’s jump right in!


Na`Vi win Inter Extreme Masters San Jose


Na`Vi's victory at IEM San Jose is surely one of the most important and delightful news for all fans. Before DreamHack Cluj-Napoca, our CS:GO roster went through difficult times. The last major of the year thus weighed a lot, especially considering that our guys have never managed to reach the top-3 of such prestigious tournaments. In Romania, UkraineNatus Vincere finished one step away from the desirable trophy. Two LAN-tournaments were to be attended after that: CEVO/MLG Season 8 and IEM San Jose. The first one turned out to be extremely unlucky for our team. CEVO was a failure.


The tournament in San Jose was a very stressful challenge (the participants were eliminated after a single bo3 loss) as well as the way to test the team's stability. Our guys have faced that challenge with iron confidence.



IEM San Jose has been one of the best tournaments for seized, Edward and GuardiaN so far (photo from hltv.org)


Team ranking update


Unshakable team spirit of  the Born to Win positively influenced their statistics. After the tournament in San Jose, hltv.org analysts made corresponding adjustments to their top-20 list of the best CS:GO teams, and Natus Vincere broke into top-4!


In today’s form, the top-3 position will not be a problem! 


A few weeks ago, we pointed out that the successful performance of our team allowed it to secure the fifth position in the world ranking. Even at that time, UkraineNatus Vincere marched in step withPolandVirtus.pro: The Poles held the fourth position and showed ambiguous results in the games against top opponents. However, the team managed to stay afloat, mostly because of CEVO Season 8 gold. It seems interesting that this time Swedenfnatic were left out of the top-4. The Swedes dropped two positions in the latest ranking after losing points over the last two months.


A few month ago this team was on top of the world ranking (photo from fnatic twitter page)


MLG Columbus is next. Natus Vincere are in!


UkraineNatus Vincere received an invitation to take part in the major-tournament from Valve. The competition will run from 29 March–3 April 2016. The Born to Win were invited to Columbus as the finalists of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca.  The competition will be the one of four tournaments supported by Valve this year and we already know that the games within the framework of MLG Columbus will be held in two stages.


The first American major-tournament will be held in Columbus


The first part of MLG Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship will be held at MLG Arena studio, where CEVO CS:GO finals were held as well. The second part will be played out at Nationwide Arena that can sit up to 18,000 viewers. Special  sticker sets will be sold at the game client during the tournament. Furthermore, a special party will be arranged by MLG for the fans.


Some of the participants of the tournament:


   Ukraine Natus Vincere

   France EnVyUs

   Brazil Luminosity Gaming

   International Gamers2

  Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas

   Poland Virtus.pro

   Sweden fnatic


DH Cluj-Napoca statistics released


The representatives of Swedish eSprorts organization DreamHack published the statistics of DH Cluj-Napoca. According to it, this tournament has gathered the biggest number of viewers in the history of the events, organized by DreamHack. 


Over the 5 days of competition in Romania, the viewers turned on the streams over 85 millions of times and watched over 30 millions hours of CS:GO content via such media platforms as Twitch, Hitbox, Dailymotion and SVT Play. Every day about 5 millions of unique viewers watched DreamHack. Therefore, the total quantity of unique viewers in 5 days was 25 million people.


Despite the online success, the arena hasn't gathered such a big number of viewers


Tournament statistics


  • Peak concurrent viewers: 985,052
  • Hours watched: 30,837,479
  • Unique views/visitors: 25,090,864
  • Views/started streams: 85,083,044 


According to the statistics above, the competition in Romania was the second most popular major tournament, sponsored by Valve, and the most popular DreamHack. The record of concurrent views, set in the final of ESL One, hasn't been broken, though. The German tournament brought in 2 millions unique viewers more than the event in Romania. It might be due to the fact that there were no weapon case dropping at DH, which resulted in less viewership. 

New IEM Katowice 2016 details revealed


Intel Extreme Masters X season will be finalized with Wolrd Championship, to be held on 4–6 March at Spodek Arena. This stadium is a well known place for all CS:GO fans that follow great ESL tournaments. The upcoming event in Katowice will feature a solid exhibition area (over 8,000 square meters), which will make this tournament the largest eSports event in the world so far.



Spodek Arena is ready to be filled


But the partnership with Amazon is not the stopping point for ESL: there will be another source for the increase of upcoming IEM Katowice 2016 prize pool. PolandMichal «Carmac» Blicharz stated that the prize pool of the next tournament in Katowice will exceed $ 450,000. There will be a settled sum of money for CS:GO major-tournaments, however, like in Dota 2, the community will have a chance to enlarge it. Blicharz haven’t given any more detailed information, but it is certain that the upcoming competition has all chances to become one of the richest in the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 



The changes in top American rosters


sg@res steps down from Cloud9


A few days ago, the departure of the captain of the strongest American team was announced: United StatesSean «sg@res» Gares decided to leave United StatesCloud9. There weren’t any concrete reasons for such a serious step, however, it seems possible that the decision was made after the streak of unsatisfactory results at international tournaments.


Despite the recent wins at a few local championships (iBUYPOWER Cup and RGN Pro Series), the team has failed to show decent results at the events that featured top European rosters. The manager of a CS:GO team stated that the decision was made by the player himself. 


sg@res to leave Cloud9


Luminosity Gaming replaces two players


After the failure at IEM San Jose, the Brazilian five simply had to make some changes. The team welcomed  BrazilLincoln «fnx» Lau and Epitacio «TACO» Pessoa instead of former BrazilLucas «steel» Lopes and BrazilRichardo «boltz» Prass. Both players have started to be less efficient and helpful for their team in important matches. As for the newcomers, Brazilfnx has been around since the Counter-Strike 1.6 times, when he performed for one of the strongest teams back than: BrazilMade in Brasil.


FalleN has to look for ways to strengthen the team


*   *   *


That is all we can recall from the last seven days in competitive CS:GO. We hope that the next week will also feature interesting events, and Natus Vincere will be the part of them! Stay tuned!


Sources: hltv.org & intelextrememasters.com

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