November's main transfers


The window of CS:GO transfers has no frames. Constant reshuffles within teams have already become something usual for the community. The main goal of these changes is to improve the quality of a team's performance and make it progress. Follow all the important events together with us!


Like one month ago, last 30 days brought quite a few loud transfers that affected top teams. You’ll find out about  the reshuffles in Sweden fnatic, International G2, Brazil Luminosity, Denmarkdignitas, and about the comebacks of legendary players. Let’s jump right in!


SwedenDennis "dennis" Еdman


A former International G2 captain and his new team are the first on our list. It all fold up with a news that caught the entire community off-guard, Markus «pronax» Wallsten stepped down from Swedenfnatic, and was replaced by another Swedish talent, Sweden Dennis «dennis» Еdman. The player gained his world popularity long before the release of CS:GO, as he was the member of legendary Counter-Strike 1.6 roster SwedenSK-gaming.


Swedenfnatic’s roster has remained unchanged for a long time, since June of 2014 when it was strengthened by such stars as SwedenOlof «olofm» Kajbjer and SwedenFreddy «KRiMZ» Johansson. It is interesting that Swedendennis have already played together with above mentioned guys before, for SwedenLGB.



    dennis is one of the most experienced CS:GO players (


The position of team’s IGL was entrusted to SwedenRobin "flusha" Rönnquist who is extremely skillful in terms of both team coordination and tactical preparation. Only time will tell if the team will become more powerful in the future. Right now the guys are passing the stage of rebuilding their team, and are still performing excellently: they took first place at  FACEIT 2015 Stage 3, and qualified for  StarLadder i-League StarSeries XIV from the first place in group A.


fnatic’s new roster

Current Sweden fnatic roster: 


se  Robin "flusha" Rönnquist (IGL)
se Jesper «jw» Wecksell
se Olof «olofm» Кajbjer
se Freddy «KRiMZ» Johansson
se Dennis «dennis» Еdman


DenmarkPhillip "aizy" Aistrup

After Edman’s departure to Swedenfnatic one of the best teams of DreamHack Cluj-Napoca, InternationalG2 roster, had to find a new player. The place, however, remained vacant not for long and the squad was completed by a key DenmarkDignitas  player Philip «aizy» Aistrup. The Danish team has been showing quite unstable results lately, and their failure at CEVO Professional League LAN-finals only worsened an unfolding situation. Despite relatively weak performance of the team, Denmarkaizy managed to show amazing shooting skills in almost all their games.


Aizy will gain some international experience  (


This way, InternationalG2 was joined by another great aimer. But still, the team is missing out in terms of strategy, since Swedendennis was one of the team's main tacticians, whose decisions often led to their success. But of course it is premature to rule these guys out. 


Current InternationalG2 roster:


Sweden Mikail "Maikelele" Bill
Denmark Philip «aizy» Aistrup
Norway Håvard "rain" Nygaard
NorwayJoakim "jkaem" Myrbostad
Portugal Ricardo "fox" Pacheco


Brazil Lincoln «fnx» Lau and Brazil Epitacio "TACO" Pessoa 


After the failure at IEM San Jose, the Brazilian five had to make some changes. The team welcomed  Brazil Lincoln «fnx» Lau and Epitacio «TACO» Pessoa instead of former Brazil Lucas «steel» Lopes and BrazilRichardo «boltz» Prass. Both players have started to be less efficient and helpful for their team in important matches. As for the newcomers, Brazil fnx has been around since the Counter-Strike 1.6 times, when he performed for one of the strongest teams back than, BrazilMade in Brasil.



fnx and TACO  strengthened the team considerably (

Renewed  Brazil Luminosity have already managed to surprise the community by reaching the final part of  FACEIT 2015 Stage 3.  They managed to defeat France EnVyUs, Sweden NiP and Denmark TSM on their way. Recently, Team SoloMid organization started looking for the replacement of the Danes that played for their CS:GO line-up up till now, and the main criterion for a new roster is being located in North America. Maybe, we’ll see the Brazilians in the black uniform soon? 

Current  Brazil Luminosity roster:

br  Lincoln «fnx» Lau
br Epitacio «TACO» Pessoa 
Brazil Gabriel «FalleN» Toledo

Brazil Fernando «fer» Alvarenga

Brazil Marcelo «coldzera» David



Bouvet Island Ruben «RUBINO» Villaroel and Denmark Кristian«k0nfig» Wienecke


After the departure of Denmark Phillip «aizy» Аistrup and Denmark Jacob «Pimp» Winneche, Denmark dignitas seemed quite spiritless. And it could not be otherwise, since two of the strongest shooters whose decisions and plays added an important grain to the overall performance of the team stepped down. Experienced Norwegian  no Ruben «RUBINO» Villarroel and young Danish player  dk Кristian«k0nfig» Wienecke were invited to replace them. At first it seemed like the team lost a lot and would not be able to reach the same results as they achieved with the previous roster.


RUBINO decided to test his skills together with the Danes  (


However, the newcomers proved their mettle right from the start: over the last month, the guys have managed to outplay Poland twice. Apart from that, they showed solid performance against  Sweden fnatic and Denmark TSM, having taken one map in each of those best-of-3 match-ups. The main achievement of the renewed Denmark dignitas roster is reaching the final part of GO:CL Season 2.


Current Denmarkdignitas roster


Denmark Markus «Kjaerbye» Kjaerbye
Denmark Mathias «MSL» Lauridsen

/dk Jesper "TENZKI" Plougmann 

no Ruben «RUBINO» Villarroel
dk Кristian«k0nfig» Wienecke

Denmark Christoffer «Sunde» Sunde, Denmark Аlexander «ave» Holdt and Denmark Oliver «minet» Minet


The veterans return. Maybe, mJe's going to be next? (


The announcement concerning the comeback of legendary Counter-Strike 1.6 players is worth separate metnioning. Three members of one of the strongest teams in the history of CS competitions have returned. Back in 2008, Denmark mTw definitely were on top, defeating each and every rival and winning all possible trophies.


Sniper duels between Ukraine Yegor «markeloff» Мarkelov and Denmark Christoffer «Sunde» Sunde were everybody's favorite to watch. Back in the days, DenmarkАlexander «ave» Holdt was ranked as the best IGL in the world and considered to be one of the most tolerant personalities in eSports.  Denmark Оliver «minet» Minet, in hus turn, joined  Denmark mTw in 2009 and helped the team to reach the top-3. He was the first to announce his returning and over the last year was performing for a few teams. 


«Golden» mTw roster: wHimp, zonic, Sunde, mJe, ave


It is important to realise that no matter what times have changed and the game looks very different now. The names of the remaining two players have not been revealed yet, but what we do know is that Denmark mTw are surely ready to compete against top rosters of the world.


Current Denmark mTw roster:


Denmark Christoffer "Sunde" Sunde

Denmark Oliver «minet» Minet

Denmark Alexander «ave» Holdt


Short conclusion


Sweden fnatic reminded us that even the most successful teams can't avoid reshuffles. Their new lineup has been showing impressively solid results so far: the ideas and strategies they use feel fresh and new, and indeed are capable of surprising. 


The first title for dennis in a new team (


Brazilian fans of CS:GO received a new reason to feel proud and happy. The arrival of two players positively influenced Brazil Luminosity's style of playing, since Brazil FalleN now has a new experienced partner,  Brazil fnx, that can easily help him. 


Cooperation of fnx and FalleN turn out to be very fruitful (


Denmark dignitas finally reached stability. After the arrival of Bouvet Island RUBINO and Denmark k0nfig, the level of their performance improved noticeably. With the current situation around TSM organization, we have to be ready for anything. Maybe, soon we'll see something even more powerful than former TSM and dignitas?


k0nfig is a promising figure of today's eSports (


The comebacks of legendary Counter-Strike 1.6 players are exciting and questionable at the same time. Tremendous experience will surely help the guys to overcome the barriers of today's professional scene, however the style of playing changed a lot over the last years, so the  team may face some unpredictable ingame problems. 


*  *  *


That's all for CS:GO transfers of NovemberFollow the updates on our website for further analysis of the situation! Stay with Na`Vi!

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