Blizzard to organize 3 Majors


Straight after HotS World Championship 2015, Blizzard announced their plans for the next season. The company is going to organize three Major tournaments with a total prize pool of $ 1 500 000.


Next year Blizzard will hold three Major tournaments. Each will welcome 12 teams of 8 regions: Australia/New Zealand, China, Europe, Korea, Latin America, Northern America, Southeast Asia and Taiwan. The prize pool of each tournament is $ 500 000, which equals the prize pool of HWC 2015. The first tournament of the series will be held in Spring 2016. No data about the qualifiers has been provided yet. However, the format will probably be the same as that of 2015 Hearthstone World Championship.


Blizzard has been holding its tournaments in the format of annual championship for quite a while. The change of this tradition might signify the change of the company's approach to eSports aspect of its titles and the direction of further development of eSports projects.

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