Na`Vi.Dota 2 manager's blog #1


A new site is released. The Natus Vincere organization becomes even closer to the community and the fans. Today, we solemnly declare that in the nearest future the section "Blogs" will fully run. And a lucky lottery ticket with the right to place the first blog in this section has taken Dota 2 manager Eugene "Razzoc" Dubravin.


Now Eugene "Razzoc" Dubravin will appear regularly here -, in his blog (1-2 per month). It will be published as his personal opinion, and some "inside" about the Na `Vi.Dota 2 as well. Also other managers blogs, players and other representatives of Natus Vincere blogs will appear soon.
We are glad to any interesting materials from our fans that may also appear in the section "Blogs". If you want your post to be reviewed and published – just send it to this account by private message, register first, if you for some reason haven’t done it yet.


Let's get back to the subject at hand, to Dota2 manager’s post and quote a small passage:

“According to KuroKy, D2CL victory during bootcamp put a spoke in the wheel: major victory in this tournament in the thick of training led the team astray. For others, we are serious enough about games when the tournament is in their native Kiev: there are a lot of temptations. It seems to me that the answer is close to both of these considerations.”


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