Enter the Storm Cup #3: Play-off


Today our HotS team will continue its participation in Enter the Storm Cup #3. International Team ALTERNATE Fancy will be the first rival of our players in play-off brackets. 



18:00 CEST

Enter the Storm Cup #3



 Jerome «JayPL» Trinh France
 Alexander "AlexTheProG" Grumstrup Denmark
 Simon «ScHwimpi» Svensson Sweden
 ALeksandar «ethernal» Milanov Bulgaria
 Lyubomir «Splendour» Kozlovski Bulgaria


Poland Michał "KroLu" Królewski

Poland Paweł "Devizz" Pernak 
Germany Markus "Blumbi" Hanke 
Germany Simon "darkmok" Tabin
Denmark Martin "Crozzby" Rugh 



Recently International Team ALTERNATE Fancy managed to defeat our team at Stormgrounds Invitational September, so today we're expecting revenge, since International Natus Vincere had used to defeat this rival easily. If our team wins, it will encounter the winner of the match International Fnatic and Russian Federation Virtus.pro. Whichever team wins, we'll get a very interesting opponent. If we lose, we'll get to the lower brackets and manage to continue participation in the tournament. Support the Born to Win!

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