Na'Vi Matchday: 17 May, Sunday


Gfinity Spring Masters II goes on for our team! Notwithstanding the bad results in the beginning of group stage, the guys managed to show premium level CS performance in a match against one of the most powerful teams in the world - SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas. Today we'll see a classic encounter of the CS 1.6 times. The Born to Win will fight against the Polish bears of PolandVirtus.Pro.


Ukraine Natus Vincere vs.Virtus.proPoland






We'll finally see the match of UkraineNatus Vincere and at LAN-tournament. The history of this encounter began at the times of old good Counter Strike 1.6. Now we can say that this encounter has become classics of CS 1.6. The results of the first match cannot be foretold. Still we hope that our guys will demonstrate a phenomenal performance, which they did yesterday night against SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas.





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